Top 25 GTPI Red Heifers USA

This chart is dated December 2018

1Morningview Smp 6303-Red-ETSimplicity-P-RC x Flagship x Archive-Red27048521.97C Glenridge Citation RoxyMorningview Holsteins
2Scenery-View Crackup-Red-ETSimplicity-P-RC x Silver x Ladd P-Red26947862.76Scenery-View Bwmar CatlinBenjamin Casey Jones
3Hartford Sawyer 835-Red-ETSawyer-RC x Pat-Red x Supersire26868241.44Kamps-Hollow AltitudeRobert J. Eustice
4Morningview Snt 6352-Red-ETSantorius x Modesty x Yoder26847622.24Whittier-Farms Lead MaeMorningview Holsteins
5Edg 82776-Red-ETRevival-Red x Pat-Red x Mccutchen26587811.69Kamps-Hollow AltitudeElite Dairy Genomics
6Morningview App 5719-Red-ETApprentice RC x Racer x Mogul26507801.85C Glenridge Citation RoxyMorningview Holsteins
7Bravada Argo Escort-Red-ETArgo x Jedi x Olympian RC26417422.16Ronelee Outside DabbleCasey Larson
8Jo-Costa Miracle-Red-ETApprentice RC x Pat-Red x Destined RC26417952.24Dar-Lynda Crimson Fury-RedSierra Vista Dairy
9Vista-Lc Simpl 5163-Red-ETSimplicity-P-RC x Apprentice x Silver26408161.81Snow-N Denises DelliaSierra Vista Dairy
10Kenmore App Clover-Red-ETApprentice RC x Delta x Mccutchen26377422.45Kamps-Hollow AltitudeCasey and Corey Larson
11Scenery-View Cilicia-Red-ETSimplicity-P-RC x Silver x Ladd P-Red26377532.73Scenery-View Bwmar CatlinBenjamin Casey Jones
12St Gen 82879-Red-ETSkywalker RC x Delta x Sympatico RC26357891.79Curr-Vale Goldwyn DeliciousSexTech
13Kcck Salv Anita-Red-ETSalvatore RC x Delta x Supersire26338232.00Kamps-Hollow AltitudeEdward Peck
14Trent-Way-Js Ropper-Red-ETApprentice RC x Silver x Numero Uno26307812.20C Glenridge Citation RoxyHendrickson and Schneller
15Aprilday S Ciconia-Red-ETSimplicity-P-RC x Modesty x Save RC26288181.84Cityview Ruby Wine-RedEdward Peck
16Bravada Argo Acronym-Red-ETArgo x Jedi x Olympian RC26227631.96Ronelee Outside DabbleCasey Larson
17Danhof Alena-Red-ETSalvatore RC x Powerball-P x Numero Uno26227342.40Kamps-Hollow AltitudeSexTech
18Trentway-Js Raindrop-Red-ETApprentice RC x Silver x Numero Uno26197082.82C Glenridge Citation RoxyHendrickson and Schneller
19Bacon-Hill Roane-Red-ETSuccessor x Jax P RC x Dresser26187451.50C Glenridge Citation RoxyBacon-Hill Holsteins
20Kenmore Lucky Strike-Red-ETLucky PP-Red x Delta x Mccutchen26187362.22Kamps-Hollow AltitudeCasey and Corey Larson
21E-Lane Sal Layna-Red-ETSalvatore RC x Symion x Doorman26177132.41Richesse Stream Rmarker-RedChristopher C Weber
22Leaninghouse A 24533-Red-ETArgo x Advice x Reflector26137811.66Kamps-Hollow AltitudeLeaninghouse Holsteins
23Royal-Vista Aprntice-Red-TWApprentice RC x Relief P x Planet26087711.40Glen-Drummond SplendorMichael A Huges
24St Gen 78623-Red-ETRubi-Asp RC x Delta x Sympatico RC26017532.35Curr-Vale Goldwyn DeliciousSexTech
25Kenmore Lucky Star-Red-ETLucky PP-RED x Delta x Mccutchen25957602.06Kamps-Hollow AltitudeCasey and Corey Larson