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1 December 2015
Top 25 *RC/Red Females in Canada

Top 25 *RC/Red Females in Canada is now online VIEW CHART

Click to enlarge - Summer No. 1 Conformation Cow in Canada
1 December 2015
Summer No. 1 Conformation Cow in Canada

Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer VG-88-2YR-CAN is the No. 1 Conformation Cow in Canda at +20. Summer is a maternal sister to popular type sires Sochi and Soloman. Following closely behind is Summer's sister by Doorman, Walnutlawn Doorman Supra with a Conf. +19.

1 December 2015
Silverridge V Shot Earring #1 GPA-LPI 9-30 months

Silverridge V Shot Earring is the #1 GPA-LPI Female (Canadian-Owned) between 9-30 months of age. 

  1. Silverridge V Shot Earring GPA-LPI+3474
  2. Blumenfeld Troy 4747 GPA-LPI+3469
  3. Stantons 1st Amy GPA-LPI+3457
  4. Peak Bombero Maxima GPA-LPI+3415
  5. Morsan CapitalG Alexa L 2489 GPA-LPI+3410

Also in the Top 25 are two Silver daughters from an exciting young and fresh McCutchen at Claynook, View-Home Mcc Found. Found is the full sister to Monterey!

Click to enlarge - Top Genomic LPI Cow Report
1 December 2015
Top Genomic LPI Cow Report

The Top 25 LPI (GLPI) Cows in Canada are NOW ONLINE for December 2015 and highlighted with descendants from the Whittier-Farms Lead Mae family.

1. SILVERRIDGE V MUNITION EARWIG (Munition x Snowman x Planet) GLPI+3345
2. SILVERRIDGE V DOORMAN ENSURE (Munition x Snowman x Planet) GLPI+3342
3. STANTONS MCCUTCHEN 1174 AGREE (McCutchen x Observer x Bolton) GLPI+3341
4. SNOWBIZ BREWMASTER SWAN (Brewmaster x Snowman x Bolton) GLPI+3337
5. SILVERRIDGE V MCCUT ELICIA (McCutchen x Snowman x Planet) GLPI+3324

1 December 2015
Top 25 GPA-LPI Bulls in Canada

New No. 1 GPA-LPI Young Bull in Canada, Boldi Eagle tops the chart with a GPA-LPI of +3419, Morningview Upright follows closely behind at +3398 and is the Kingboy son from the Early-Autumn Golden Rae Roxy line at Morningview Holsteins.

1. Boldi Eagle (Ascend x Meridian x Man-O-Man) GPA-LPI+3419
2. Morningview Upright (Kingboy x Numero Uno x Baxter) GPA-LPI+3398
3. Wilra Harvest (Monterey x Numero Uno x Planet) GPA-LPI+3388
4. Mr Shot Dozer 1491 (Shotglass x Robust x Planet) GPA-LPI+3372
5. Ronelee Midnight Detour (Midnight x Mogul x Hero) GPA-LPI+3367


1 December 2015
Fulll brothers Supersire and Headliner top Proven Sire List

The full brothers Seagull-Bay Supersire and Headliner are leading the GTPI Proven Sire list in December 2015. 

  1. Seagull-Bay Supersire GTPI+2719
  2. Seagull-Bay Headliner GTPI+2568
  3. Mountfield SSI Dcy Mogul GTPI+2540
  4. Sandy-Valley Sterling GTPI+2521
  5. No-Fla altaEverglade GTPI+2505

CLICK HERE for the complete top 25 Proven Bulls.

1 December 2015
Bacon-Hill Pety Modesty #1 GTPI Young Sire 12/15

Bacon-Hill Modesty tops the GTPI charts in December with a dazzling +2854 GTPI! Modesty was bred by Welcome Stock Farm and Tom Kugler. 

  1. Bacon-Hill Modesty GTPI+2854
  2. DG Charley GTPI+2821
  3. Wa-Del Yoder Bandares GTPI+2818
  4. S-S-I 1stClass Flagship GTPI+2803
  5. S-S-I Montross Jedi GTPI+2787

CLICK HERE for the Top 50 GTPI Young Sires with a NAAB code.

Click to enlarge - Top 25 LPI Bulls in Canada
1 December 2015
Top 25 LPI Bulls in Canada

Mapel Wood Brewmaster, the Garrett son of Gen-I-Beq Shottle Bombi remains on top of the LPI list in Canada at +3199 and 137 of his 187 scored daughters Good Plus or Higher. 

1. Mapel Wood Brewmaster (Garrett x Shottle x Champion) LPI+3199
2. De-Su Bkm McCutchen 1174 (Bookem x Shottle x Oman) LPI+3185
3. Amighetti Numero Uno (Man-O-Man x Shottle x Boss Iron) LPI+3147
4. Chartroise Smurf (SnowmanxPlanetxLou) LPI+3068
5. Minnigan-Hills Day (Super x Bolton x Shottle) LPI+3048


30 November 2015
December 2015 Genetic Evaluations

Holstein Plaza will be bringing you the latest information following tomorrow's proof release. The Top Genomics lists, Mating Sire lists and Donors will all be updated... utilize Holstein Plaza as your source for the latest genetic information!

Click to enlarge - Exciting Classification News from Golden Oaks Farm
25 November 2015
Exciting Classification News from Golden Oaks Farm

Golden Oaks Farm reports an exciting classification day with several EX and VG-2YR olds! READ MORE.

Click to enlarge - Siemers Holsteins Classifies
23 November 2015
Siemers Holsteins Classifies

Siemers Holsteins has recently classified with some exciting results. 44 new VG-2YR olds were scored, bringing the herd total to 147 VG-2YR olds. Also, 24 new EX cows were scored, bring the herd total to 163 EX cows. In total, the Siemers Holsteins herd has 987 cows scored 85 points or higher. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Exciting POLLED Afterburner embryos
19 November 2015
Exciting POLLED Afterburner embryos

Selling as Lot 11 in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are five #1 grade Sandy-Valley Afterburner embryos from one of the highest homozygous Polled females in the breed with no Earnhardt in the pedigree, Cedarwal Harper Mimosa *PP. Afterburner (Flame x Mogul) is one of the most popular mating sires of the moment combining GTPI+2691 with GRZG+159! The donor of the embryos Mimosa is an EARLY homozygous Polled & Red Carrier Harper daughter scoring GTPI+2190 and is backed by a VG-86-2YR Magna-P x EX-91 Shaquille daughter from Selbro Rega Glaze EX-91 3E 3*, a granddaughter of Stelbro Renita Ranger-Red EX-94-USA 3E!

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Top Genomics

Top 25 New Genomic Females in the U.S.
October 2015
 Animal NameSire StackGTPICow Family
1SIEMERS DELTA S-ROZ-ANN-ETDelta x Supersire x Windbrook2839Whittier-Farms Outside Roz
2PEAK EXOTIC DANCER-ETAltaSpring x Supersire x Shottle2816UFM-Dubs Eroy
3JENNY-LOU CRANK IT FAITHCrank It x Supersire x Lewis2816Opsal Winchester Faith
4PEAK DELTA KOTY 41972-ETDelta x Supersire x Massey2798No-Fla Oman Liana 21974
5OCD DELTA MISSY 4202-ETDelta x McCutchen x Man-O-Man2793Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy

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Top 5 TPI Genomic Young Bulls with NAAB Code
December 2015
 NameSire StackGTPICow Family
1BACON-HILL PETY MODESTY-ETPety x Supersire x Bolton2854Unique-Style Bolton Money
2DG CHARLEYSupershot x Mogul x Observer2821Larcrest Cosmopolitan
3WA-DEL YODER BANDARES-ETYoder x Massey x Superstition2818Locker-Lane Emory Babe
4S-S-I 1STCLASS FLAGSHIP-ETAlta1stClass x Supersire x Bookem2803Lynmead Celcius Minnow
5S-S-I MONTROSS JEDI-ETMontross x Supersire x Bookem2787Lynmead Celcius Minnow

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