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Click to enlarge - Unique & Hard to Find Goldwyn & Durham embryos
22 September 2014
Unique & Hard to Find Goldwyn & Durham embryos

With World Dairy Expo starting in a week from today it's SHOW-TIME! The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction offers several unique & hard to find embryos from two of the most successful Show Sires of all times, Goldwyn & Durham!

Click to enlarge - Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction Open For Bidding
19 September 2014
Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction Open For Bidding

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is open for bidding. Offerings sell form North America's premier cow families and sired by the industry's hottest matting sires including EARLY Damaris, Sexed Draco, Sexed Delta, Silver, Powerball-P, Supershot, Attract, Goldwyn, Durham, Sexed Atwood and more! Don't miss the elite IVF offerings, premier Polled and embryos by Sexed Semen. CLICK HERE for a direct link to the auction site.

Click to enlarge - FINAL HOURS... Don't miss heifers over +2400G
19 September 2014
FINAL HOURS... Don't miss heifers over +2400G

It is the final hours of the Universal Auctions Online Heifer Sale... don't miss out on several fantastic offerings over +2400G backed by tremendous cow families and starting at only $7200! READ MORE

18 September 2014
Final 2 days ... Universal Auctions Online Sale!

Two days remain in the first Universal Auctions Online Sale! The auction will be closing on Friday, September, 19th, 2014 at 4 p.m. Universal Auctions is an online sale offering consignments from outstanding cow families that excel in type, genomics and polled. The first auction commenced with a remarkable lineup! READ MORE

Click to enlarge - New lots added to Webshop
17 September 2014
New lots added to Webshop

Two new exciting lots have been added to the Holstein Plaza Webshop. Check out the tremendous lots selling in the webshop, you'll find a variety of genetics at a wide range of price points. Buying is ease, your next embryo purchase is just a click away!

  • Sexed Delta x Ms Marita Ernhrdt Pepper *RC *PP | #1 grade EARLY SEXED Delta (Delta is not available in Europe) embryos from one of the highest Homozygous Polled heifers in the Breed, Granddaughter of Perk Rae and backed by the tremendous Roxys! PA-GTPI nearly GTPI+2350 and all calves will be POLLED & FEMALE
  • IVF Female Absolute-Red x Libertyraes Sophia *RC |  #1 grade IVF Female DT Absolute-Red x Libertyraes Sophia *RC EX-94 2E EEEEE, Sophia is the Highest scored daughter of Liberty Rae EX-95 3E DOM and granddaughter of Lana Rae EX-94! Make RED SHOW CALVES!

CLICK HERE to view all lots!

Click to enlarge - Donors Pictured at Tramilda
17 September 2014
Donors Pictured at Tramilda

Recently several donors of Tramilda Holsteins have been pictured. CLICK HERE to view the results. 

Click to enlarge - Great classification day at Tramilda Holsteins
13 September 2014
Great classification day at Tramilda Holsteins

Tramilda Holsteins had a tremendous classification day! CLICK HERE to read the highlights.

Click to enlarge - SHOW TYPE on Online Embryo Auction
11 September 2014
SHOW TYPE on Online Embryo Auction

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction offers several fantastic lots to make your next generation of SHOW CALVES. CLICK HERE to read more.

Click to enlarge - Tremendous Silver lots Selling!
11 September 2014
Tremendous Silver lots Selling!

Several lots sired by the #1 GTPI sire (with semen available) Seagull-Bay Silver (GTPI+2621) sell from some elite North-American donors like a GTPI+2352 DGV GPA-LPI+3418 Shan daughter from the Cosmopolitans or the full sister to Mr Welcome Hill Tango!

  • Lot 9 Silver x Speek-NJ Shan Credential | Four #1 grade Silver (GTPI+2621 / DGV GPA-LPI+3632) embryos from a huge DGV GPA-LPI (+3418 / GTPI+2352) Shan daughter that goes back to Larcrest Cosmopolitan! PA-DGV GPA-LPI >+3500 PA-GTPI nearly +2450 with HUGE lbs. Fat + Protein!
  • Lot 14 IVF Silver x Ms Welcome Hill Tobi VG-85-2YR | Three #1 grade IVF Silver embryos from the Full Sister to TANGO, Ms Welcome Hill Tobi VG-85-2YR... PA-GTPI>+2400G, PA-Milk >2000lbs & PA-PTAT>3.10 from a tremendous OUTCROSS AI Family!
  • Lot 36 IVF Silver x Welcome-Tel Predstn Liza | Three IVF Silver (GTPI+2621) embryos from a Predestine daughter of the full sister to Kellercrest Super Layne! Tremendous AI Family!
Click to enlarge - EARLY Damaris embryos selling
10 September 2014
EARLY Damaris embryos selling

Selling as lot 11 in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale are EARLY Damaris embryos from an EARLY VG-85-2YR Supersonic daughter, Le-O-La Supersonic Golden VG-85-2YR, her Sterling daughter sold for $50,000 at the International Intrigue. Damaris scores GTPI+2528 and GRZG+167! 

Click to enlarge - EARLY Blueprint-PP *RC embryos sell
10 September 2014
EARLY Blueprint-PP *RC embryos sell

Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Sale are some of the earliest embryos sired by one of the most exciting homozygous Polled bulls at the moment, Calbrett Blueprint *PP *RC. Donor of the embryos is Cedarwal Snow Lively GP-83-2YR-CAN an young Snowman from the Lylehaven Lila Z family, with tremendous production numbers including >2000lbs Milk, 55lbs. Protein and over 3 points on Type! Lively already has several high testing daughters including a Determine daughter with GRZG+151!

Click to enlarge - Universal Auctions is Open For Bidding!
10 September 2014
Universal Auctions is Open For Bidding!

The Universal Auctions Sale is Open For Bidding... Universal Auctions is the newest initiative within the Holstein dairy industry. This site has been designed to be a one stop shop for heifers and cows backed by the world’s best cow families. This auction is a platform to source animals backed by strong cow families, show pedigrees, genomics.If you are looking for a $2,000 pedigreed heifer or a $200,000 genomic topper then we will supply you with this on a monthly basis.

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Top Genomics

Top 50 GTPI Heifers in the U.S (9-24 months old)
August 2014
 NameSire StackGTPIOwner
1MS DELICOUS NIGHTOUT-ETNumero Uno x Robust x Planet2760Lookout Hols, R Pesce, Butz-
2DE-SU MOGUL 3336-ETMogul x Shamrock x Man O Man2712De-Su Holsteins, LLC
3MS DELICIOUS SUNDAY-ETShotglass x Robust x Planet2666Lookout Hols, R Pesce, Butz-
4PROGENESIS ENFORCER PAT-ETEnforcer x Cameron x Planet2663Progenesis Group LP
5KINGS-RANSOM DOORM DINA-ETDoorman x Dorcy x Baxter2645Natures Finest-ST & Elite Da

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Top 5 TPI Genomic Young Bulls with NAAB Code
August 2014
 NameSire StackGTPIAI
1SEAGULL-BAY SILVER-ETMogul x Snowman x Planet2622ABS Global
2LADYS-MANOR DOORS OPEN-ETDoorman x Dorcy x Auden2619Semex
3COGENT SUPERSHOTSupersire x Super x Shottle2614Cogent
4MR DELICIOUS COIN 15006-ETCashcoin x Robust x Planet2610ST/TWG
5DE-SU 12128 TAILOR-ETLa Bron x Shamrock x Man O Man2610ABS Global

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