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Following are videos from Holstein Plaza and other sources, which may be of interest to our users. In addition to the videos in this section, please also see our YouTube channel.

Progress & Family Tradition: Bomaz Farms

Bob and Kay Zwald, of Bomaz Farms near Hammond, Wisconsin, have grown their family and business alongside an elite herd of Registered Holsteins.

Inside look: Robotic milking at Oakfield Corners

After 45 years of milking in twin double-10 herringbone parlors, Oakfield Corners Dairy in New York was ready for an upgrade. They were intrigued by robotic milking to solve their labor challenges and began touring farms with milking robots across the globe.

The Oakfield Corners team transitioned to milking 1,400 cows in their 72-stall DairyProQ in March 2021.

What's Up at Holstein USA: Genomic technology im

Dairy farmers who take advantage of new technologies in genetic selection, like DNA testing and genomic data, are seeing long-term positives within their herds. In this segment from Holstein Association USA, New York dairyman Jeff King shares a glimpse inside his family’s operation, which has been incorporating genomics since the early days — more than a decade.

Farnear Holsteins

Farnear Holsteins is owned and operated by Tom and Rick Simon along with their sons Mark and Adam. Farnear currently milks 250 cows twice a day, their rolling herd average is 27,500 lbs, a 4.5% Fat and a 3.6% Protein.

What's up at Holstein USA - U.S. Registered Hols

Holstein USA features Welcome Stock Farm.

2019 World Dairy Expo Grand Champion Holstein

Selection of the Grand Champion Female during the 2019 International Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo, Madison Wisconsin.