Special Holiday Online Embryo Auction: December 7-13, 2018

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Click to enlarge - Holiday Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding
7 december 2018
Holiday Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding

Holstein Plaza Special Holiday Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding and will run through 4 p.m. (EST) on Thursday, December 13, 2018. Over 25 fantastic lots sells with PA-GTPI over +2800 and show combinations from the greats like Katrysha, Apple, Camomile, Barbara and more. Don't miss the opportunity to add these elite genetics to your herd. VIEW AUCTION

6 december 2018
Top 50 GTPI Calves in the U.S. (<9 months old)

1. Peak Orchd Marus 61799-ET (Marius x AltaTopShot x Yoder) GTPI+2999
2. Peak Md9619 Marus 81418-ET (Marius x Delta x Liquid Gold) GTPI+2968
3. Miss Priss-ET (Yoda x Modesty x Kingboy) GTPI+2961
4. Genosource London 42552 (Redrock x Modesty x Josuper) GTPI+2952
5. Front-Row Resolve Janine-ET (Resolve x Josuper x Mack) GTPI+2945
6. Ocd Jared Balance 46058-ET (Jared x Delta x Jabir) GTPI+2945
7. Peak Frari Marus 81405-ET (Marius x Jedi x Racer) GTPI+2942
8. Ssi-Horsens 3812 (Solution x Outsiders x Damaris) GTPI+2940
9. Bgp Jared Heart-ET (Jared x Modesty x Meridian) GTPI+2932
10. Sandy-Valley T Limitless-ET (Topnotch x Rubicon x Supersire) GTPI+2931


Click to enlarge - Top 10 gISET Young Sires Switzerland
5 december 2018
Top 10 gISET Young Sires Switzerland

The Top 10 gISET Young Sires in Switzerland have been posted, ranking #4 on the ISET list is Claynook Casper bred by Claynook Farms Ltd. CLICK HERE for the complete Top 10.

Click to enlarge - Pine-Tree CW Legacy #1 PLI Young Sire
5 december 2018
Pine-Tree CW Legacy #1 PLI Young Sire

Pine-Tree CW Legacy is the #1 gPLI young sire in the UK and the only bull over 900 PLI. Also in the Top 10 is his Charley Brother Pine-Tree Durable gPLI +827. Taking the #1 spot for the Proven Sires for PLI is Larcrest Commend a Balisto son of Larcrest Caboodle. 

CLICK HERE for Top 10 gPLI Young Sires UK

CLICK HERE for Top 10 PLI Proven Sires UK

Click to enlarge - Doorman sons dominate Proven Sire List in Italy
5 december 2018
Doorman sons dominate Proven Sire List in Italy

No less than 6 out of the Top 10 top PFT Proven bulls (Domestic Bulls Only) are sired by Doorman (of which 4 out of Snowman dams!)! Taking the #1 spot is Holbra Inseme Rodanas followed by Murdoch. Taking the #1 Spot at the Young Sire list is Go-Farm Bramante (Sound System x altaHotrod) at gPFT+4452

CLICK HERE For the Complete Top 10 PFT (Domestic Bulls Only) Proven Bulls

CLICK HERE For the Complete Top 10 gPFT (Domestic Bulls Only) Young Sires

Click to enlarge - Top 10 gRZG Red and White Young Bulls in Germany
4 december 2018
Top 10 gRZG Red and White Young Bulls in Germany

The Top 10 gRZG Red and White bulls has been posted.

  1. Caudumer Solitair P Salvatore x Balisto x Magna P gRZG+165
  2. Andy Anreli x Rocky x Stellando gRZG+159
  3. DG Col Sparkle Salvatore x Debutant x Brewmaster gRZG+159
  4. Dreamer Dreamboy x Go Now x Serano gRZG+157
  5. Blondin Stormy-Red Styx x Rubicon x Supersire gRZG+157

CLICK HERE for the COMPLETE Top 10 RZG R&W Bulls

Click to enlarge - Pine-Tree Durable tops RZG list!
4 december 2018
Pine-Tree Durable tops RZG list!

Pine-Tree Durable takes the #1 spot in the German RZG list! 

  1. Pine-Tree Durable Charley x Yoder x Liquid Gold GRZG+167
  2. Westcoast Soundcloud Outlast x Delta x Sympatico GRZG+166
  3. Ste Odile Expansion Guarantee x Supershot x Munition GRZG+166
  4. Green-Banks Guarnte 101 Guarantee x Montross x Dean GRZG+164
  5. Greatboy Gymnast x Balisto x Numero Uno GRZG+163

CLICK HERE for the complete Top 25

Click to enlarge - Legacy, Nashville, Riveting and Charl
4 december 2018
Legacy, Nashville, Riveting and Charl

Pine-Tree CW LEGACY at GTPI +2949 maintains his top spot on the High Ranking TPI Genomic Young Bulls followed by NASHVILLE, RIVETING AND CHARL. 

1. PINE-TREE CW LEGACY (Frazzled x Yoder x Liquid Gold) GTPI+2949
2. MR DYNASTY NASHVILLE (Dynasty x Nominee x Robust) GTPI+2944
3. S-S-I BG FRZZLD RIVETING (Frazzled x Profit x Rodgers) GTPI+2933
4. HURTGENLEA RICHARD CHARL (Charley x Yoder x Supersire) GTPI+2920
5. PEAK ALTALAWSON (AltaRobson x Delta x Supersire) GTPI+2913


4 december 2018
Progenesis, Westcoast & Stanton Brothers own top GPA-LPI calves

The Top 25 GPA-LPI Heifers (<9 months of age and Canadian-owned) are all bred and owned by the breeding programs of Progenesis LP, Westcoast Holsteins and Stanton Brothers LTD.

1. PROGENESIS FABULOUS RITA (Fabulous x Legendary x Delta) GPA-LPI+3709
2. WESTCOAST ALCOVE RIZA 7565 (Alcove x Montana x Supershot) GPA-LPI+3707
3. WESTCOAST ALCOVE RIZA 7512 (Alcove x Montana x Supershot) GPA-LPI+3675
4. WESTCOAST ALCOVE RIZA 7533 (Alcove x Montana x Supershot) GPA-LPI+3645
5. PROGENESIS MILKTIME PINTO (Milktime x Superhero x Rubicon) GPA-LPI+3645


Click to enlarge - Top 25 International TPI®  Bulls
4 december 2018
Top 25 International TPI® Bulls

151HO00681 RUBICON maintains top position for GTPI Proven Bulls

1. RUBICON +2824G (Mogul x Robust x Planet)
2. DANTE 1407 +2800G (McCutchen x Robust x Planet)
3, JOSUPER +2790G (Supersire x Beacon x Jango)
4. DELTA 1427 +2779G (Mogul x Robust x Planet)
5. DUKE +2747G (Montross x Supersire x Snowman)


4 december 2018
Top GPA-LPI Young Bulls in Canada

1. S-S-I PR RENEGADE (JaltaOak x Millington x Davinci) GPA-LPI+3640
2. WESTCOAST HORIZON (Fortune x Bayonet x Racer) GPA-LPI+3590
3. CLAYNOOK DISCJOCKEY (Fortune x Monterey x Unix) GPA-LPI+3584
4. PEAK TROPIC (Hotline x Rubicon x Epic) GPA-LPI+3576
5. SANDY-VALLEY AP PANAMA (Pinnacle x Jedi x Balisto) GPA-LPI+3566


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Nashville, Tennessee

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Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale

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Top Genomics

Top 25 GPA-LPI *RC/Red Females Canadian Owned
augustus 2018
 NameSire StackGPA-LPIOwner
1Westcoast Jedi Sky 6556Jedi x Delta x Sympatico3494Westcoast Holsteins
2Progenesis Gtee Cabernet RedGuarantee x Jedi x Tango3396Progenesis
3Westcoast Fortune Sky 5801Fortune x Delta x Sympatico3388Westcoast Holsteins
4Comfort Thurlr Bndres Red RumBandares x Rubicon x Ladd-P3386Comfort and Thurler Holsteins
5Vogue Yoda's ElectraYoda x Duke x Powerball-P3378Vogue Cattle

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