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Click to enlarge - Auction closing in just ONE hour!
12. Juli 2018
Auction closing in just ONE hour!

The Online Embryo Auction will be closing in ONE HOUR! There are offerings from elite cow families, high index and show type... Something to fit everyone's goals! View All

Click to enlarge - Bid LAST Today!
12. Juli 2018
Bid LAST Today!

This week's Online Embryo Auction closes TODAY! Make sure to take a look at the exciting offerings and get your last minute bids in! There are Draftking embryos selling out of a +2712G Modesty, Mastermind embryos from a POLLED Franchise, Solomon embryos from an EX-90 Redliner back to EX-95 Blackstar and many more... VIEW AUCTION

Click to enlarge - Closing in 24 hours!
11. Juli 2018
Closing in 24 hours!

The Online Embryo Auction closes tomorrow July 12th, 2018. There are several exciting featured lots, including early CLETE embryos out of a +2724G Modesty daughter, IVF Sexed Solomon from an EX-90 Redliner and many more excellent offerings! Bid before the auction closes TOMORROW. View Lots

Click to enlarge - From the same cow family as LEONA!
11. Juli 2018
From the same cow family as LEONA!

There are several offerings selling in this week's online embryo auction that are from the same cow family as the tremendous Savage-Leigh LEONA EX-96! Sexed Kingboy embryos available out of a beautiful VG-87 Alexander, an EX-90 Fever and a Doorman daughter. Big time pedigree from a show type cow family! VIEW ALL 

Click to enlarge - +2680G Altaspring son back to PLANET SILK!
10. Juli 2018
+2680G Altaspring son back to PLANET SILK!

Vysoka VALMONT... An Altaspring son out of a GP-80 Doorman daughter back to Planet Silk. Valmont scores a GTPI+2680, +2.80UDC and +6.0PL. And he was the result of an embryo purchase from one of our Holstein Plaza Members in our Online Embryo Auction. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Embryos from a POLLED daughter
10. Juli 2018
Embryos from a POLLED daughter

RZG and POLLED offering... Selling are four #1 MASTERMIND (GTPI+2694 / +156RZG) embryos from a POLLED Franchise daughter that scores an RZG+149.. And goes back to the EX-94 3E DOM Ramos who has had several sons in AI! VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Embryos backed by APPLE!
9. Juli 2018
Embryos backed by APPLE!

From a tremendous RED cow family... SANTORIUS *RC (GTPI+2724 +811M$ +2.33PTAT) embryos sell out of a VG-87 Sunfish *RC x VG-87 Sympatico *RC x EX-94 Talent direct daughter to APPLE! Don't miss out on this elite offering selling in this week's online embryo auction. View Lot

Click to enlarge - Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding!
6. Juli 2018
Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding!

Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding! And will run July 6th through July 12th, 2018... There are IVF Sexed Solomon embryos selling out of an EX-90 Redliner back to EX-95 Blackstar, Santorius *RC embryos sell out of a VG-87 Sunfish *RC back to APPLE, IVF Sexed Draftking embryos sell out of a +2712G Modesty and several more tremendous features!..VIEW AUCTION

Click to enlarge - Golden Opportunity!
5. Juli 2018
Golden Opportunity!

The Golden Opportunity Sale at Midas Touch will be this Saturday July 7th, 2018. Over 100 lots selling from huge show type cow families! Selling are several maternal sisters to the Reserve All-American Spring Calf 2017, Midas-Touch Solomon Cher. Also genomic offerings, Jersey offerings and many more to satisfy all! VIEW MORE

Click to enlarge - Webshop Special closing TODAY...
5. Juli 2018
Webshop Special closing TODAY...

Special offerings made available to you in our 24/7 Webshop... Free Shipping on DOMESTIC orders of $6,000 or 10 embryos (or more). Selling are Draftking embryos from a +2712G Modesty, Sexed Humblenkind embryos from a +2653G / +2.71PTAT Helix daughter and IVF Sexed Solomon embryos out of a beautiful EX-90 Redliner that already has several daughters exceeding in the show ring! Select link to view all offerings... VIEW ALL 

Click to enlarge - DRAFTKING embryos available
3. Juli 2018
DRAFTKING embryos available

Selling in the 24/7 Webshop are Draftking (GTPI+2801 +925NM$) from high indexing Modesty daughters that go back to Rudy Missy! Make sure to take a look at these tremendous offerings! VIEW ALL 

Click to enlarge - Another success story!
3. Juli 2018
Another success story!

We love hearing about the success of purchasing embryos from Holstein Plaza Members! Sexed Modesty embryos out of a High-Ranking variant red Denver were purchased last year from one of our online embryo auctions. This month in Europe one of those RED Modesty daughters from Comfort Denver Kait-Red resulted in the NO. 1 High-Ranking GTPI Heifer in Europe and NO. 2 Overall! Scoring a GTPI+2862... View More

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Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction

28.07.2018 through 29.07.2018
Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show

Iowa State Holstein Show
Iowa State Fairgrounds

10.08.2018 through 16.08.2018
Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction

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Wisconsin Championship Show

Top Genomik

Top 25 GTPI *RC Heifers USA
April 2018
 NameCow FamilyGTPIOwner Name
1KENMORE MODESTY ADRIANA *RCKamps-Hollow Altitude2793Casey & Corey Larson
2MS TJR EXTRM DTR 40027 *RCWesswood-HC Rudy Missy2758Jerry I. Jorgensen
3KENMORE HEIRLOOM *RCKamps-Hollow Altitude2736Casey & Corey Larson
4AARDEMA DELTA 33028 *RCKings-Ransom Amel Lemon2730Don Aardema
5TTM SPLENDID ENDURE *RCWesswood-HC rudy Missy2723Thomas T. Mercuro & WinStar Genetics

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