Online Embryo Auction: November 16-23, 2018


Click to enlarge - CRUSHABULL from the KATRYSHAS
20. November 2018

Supreme Champion Genetics... Selling in the Online Embryo Auction are early IVF Sexed Crushabull (PTAT+4.19) embryos from the VG-86-2YR Archrival daughter of Supreme Champion KATRYSHA! Tremendous mating from a family that knows how to transmit and is a living legend in the show ring. VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - New photo of Comfort Thrlr Frtun Rosa
20. November 2018
New photo of Comfort Thrlr Frtun Rosa

New photo of the +2854 GTPI Fortune daughter, Comfort Thrlr Fortune Rosa. Rosa hails from the huge genomic transmitting Ransom Marquisse line of the Sully Shottle Mays. Don't miss convention non-sexed Doctor (+2842 GTPI) embryos selling on the Online Embryo Auction from Rosa. VIEW LOT

Click to enlarge - Embryos from >2800G donors SELL
19. November 2018
Embryos from >2800G donors SELL

Selling in the Online Embryo Auction are opportunities from two unique over 2800 GTPI donors! Selling as LOT 1 are some of the HIGHEST GTPI non-sexed conventional embryos on the market ... early Helix DOCTOR (+2842 GTPI, +932 NM$) embryos sell out of Fortune Rosa with a GTPI of +2854, +923 NM$, +1834 Milk, +7.2 PL and +2.37 PTAT. Rosa is backed by the Sully Shottle Mays. LOT 19 are four #1 grade SEXED SOLUTION (GTPI+2888 +1024NM$ +2130M +110F +69P) embryos from the GTPI+2800 +963NM$ Imax backed by Morgan Era and the Sapphires ... HUGE COMPONENT mating with high total index figures and big Net Merit. BID LAST!

Click to enlarge - Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding!
16. November 2018
Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding!

Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is NOW OPEN for bidding and will run through 4 p.m. (EST) on Friday, November 23 (note the different closing date due to the Thanksgiving holiday). Nearly 20 fantastic lots sells with PA-GTPI over +2850 and show combinations from the greats like Katrysha, Apple, Camomile, Barbara and more. Don't miss the opportunity to add these elite genetics to your herd. VIEW AUCTION

Click to enlarge - Duckett sends tremendous group to Best of the Barn VII Sale
15. November 2018
Duckett sends tremendous group to Best of the Barn VII Sale

Selling Friday, November 16 at the Best of the Barn Sale are a tremendous group of individuals selling from the best cow families (Apple Frosty, Ginger and Treasure) at Duckett Holsteins, the Premier Exhibitor, World Dairy Expo 2018. HIGHLIGHTS

Click to enlarge - Pine-Tree donors updated with NEW SCORES
13. November 2018
Pine-Tree donors updated with NEW SCORES

Pine-Tree 9882 Wild 7101 is the No. 1 GTPI Wilder daughter in the breed and now is scored Very Good-85 at 2-05. 7101 is backed by the tremendous OCD Supersire 9882 and has several sons over +2800 GTPI. Extreme production, Midas-Touch Duke Jayme now scores GP-84-2YR. CLICK HERE to learn about these donors and more at Pine Tree Daiy.

13. November 2018
Now Hiring!

Holstein Plaza is hiring for a Sales Specialist / Public Relations coordinator. This position is an opportunity to grow and develop and it’s corresponding auction sites. Person needs to take an active role in expanding sales and looking for demand in the market. We are looking for a dynamic and self-motivated individual that will work as an ambassador for Holstein Plaza taking responsibility for organizing online sales, member-relations and website growth. LEARN MORE

Click to enlarge - Midas-Touch HM Premier Breeder Royal Winter Fair!
11. November 2018
Midas-Touch HM Premier Breeder Royal Winter Fair!

A big congratulations to Midas-Touch Genetics for winning Honorable Premier Breeder Banner at the Royal Winter Fair! Midas-Touch is working with several family members of the cows and heifers that brought them the Honorable Premier Breeder Banner!

Click to enlarge - Our hour left... Auction closing SOON!
8. November 2018
Our hour left... Auction closing SOON!

The Online Embryo Auction closes in ONE HOUR. Featured in this weeks auction are several impressive show type lots, as well as high genomic offerings! Don't miss out on a tremendous opportunity to buy into some elite genetics! 

View All --> CLICK HERE

Click to enlarge - BID LAST... Auction closes today!
8. November 2018
BID LAST... Auction closes today!

This week's Online Embryo Auction closes TODAY! Make sure to take a look at the exciting offerings and get your last minute bids in! There are IVF SEXED ALTAROBERT (GTPI+2883 +1003NM$) embryos out of a Blowtorch daughter that scores a GTPI+2781 and +935NM$, SEXED JORDY-RED embryos sell out of a Red Carrier VG-88-2YR EX-MS Doorman granddaughter to APPLE and many more offerings...

View Auction --> CLICK HERE

Click to enlarge - 24 hours... BID LAST!
7. November 2018
24 hours... BID LAST!

24 HOURS... The Online Embryo Auction will close tomorrow November 8th. Selling are IVF SEXED ALTITUDE embryos directly from Advent KANDIE EX-95, very early releases of GLITZ and FREE BILLY embryos from a Delta daughter back to Talent Barbara and many more tremendous offerings! 

View Embryos Selling --> CLICK HERE 

Click to enlarge - Embryos backed by Gold Barbara!
7. November 2018
Embryos backed by Gold Barbara!

SEXED UNIX (PTAT+3.18 +3.28UDC) embryos out of a Sid direct daughter to the one and only Gold BARBARA! Elite show type offering backed by a deep pedigreed cow family! 

View Lot --> CLICK HERE 


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Top Genomik

Top 50 GTPI Young Bulls (with NAAB code) Source: Holstein USA
August 2018
 NAABNameSire StackGTPI
1507HO14250Pine-Tree CW LegacyFrazzled x Yoder x Liquid Gold2999
2551HO03600Mr Dynasty NashvilleDynasty x Nominee x Robust2964
3614HO14220S-S-I BG Frzzld RivetingFrazzled x Profit x Rodgers2952
4551HO03529Hurtgenlea Richard CharlCharley x Yoder x Supersire2952
5200HO11186Pine-Tree-I PursuitImax x Profit x Supersire2936

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