June 26, 2017

Cedarwal Classification

Venture Supersire Snow*RDC VG-88

Last Friday, Cedarwal Farms had a terrific classification day! 

Some of the day included:

  • 6 VG 2YR
  • 6 GP 84 2YR
  • 16 New VG's

And some highlights: 
Venture Supersire Snow*RDC - VG 88 3YR

Cedarwal 5G Sarah (5G x Supersire) - VG 85 2YR

Cedarwal Air Liftoff (Airlift x Super) - VG 85 2YR

Cedarwal Lottomax Confetti (Lottomax x Larcrest Chevelle) - VG 85 2YR

Westcoast Atwork Shae 3109 Red (Atwork x Sympatico) - VG 85 2YR

Calbrett Kingboy Lady (Kingboy x Last Hope) - VG 85 2YR

Calbrett Modern P Magenta P (Modern P x Ladd-P) - VG 85 2YR

Best young cows were sired by Dresser, Kingboy, Kingpin, Lottomax, Magnificent, and Satisfaction.

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