January 13, 2016

Cedarwal Classification Highlights

Venture Supersire Snow *RC VG-86-2YR-CAN

Following a great visit from the classifier Cedarwal has several new Very Good two-year-olds and is extremely impressed with the group of young cows they are working with sired by Doorman, Aikman, Cashmoney, Cashcoin and Determine.

• Venture Supersire Snow *RC - now VG-86-2YR. High GTPI *RC Supersire daughter at GTPI +2428.
• Cedarwal Doorman Lets Dance - VG-85-2YR  
(Doorman x Snowman x VG-86 Alexander x VG-88 2YR 8* Shottle x Lila Z)
• Cedarwal Determine Libby - VG-85-2YR 
(Determine x GP-83-2YR Snowman x VG-87 1* Shottle x VG-89 23* Goldwyn Lilac x Lila Z)
• Mapel Wood Liquid Gold Holly - VG-85-2YR 
(Liquid Gold x VG-88 2YR 1* Cookiecutter MOM Hue)
• Cedarwal Chipper Bliss - VG-85-2YR
(Chipper x VG-85-2YR Lauthority x EX-95 8* Rainyridge Talent Barbara)
• Cedarwal Cashcoin Moonbeam - VG-85-2YR
(Cashcoin x VG MOM x VG-87-2YR 6* Gillette Shottle 2nd Moon back to Gypsy Grand)
• Cedarwal Lauthority Attagirl - VG-88 3rd Lact
(Lauthority x 7 Gen VG or EX)
• Cedarwal Manoman Cotton Candy - VG-88 3rd Lact
(MOM x Beaucoise Goldwyn Coupole VG-87-2YR 4* x 7 Gen VG or EX)
• Cedarwal Lexor Zula - VG-87-3YR
(Lexor x VG-86-2YR 1* Bolton x VG 88 9* Allen x VG 86 2YR 23* Second Cut x Gypsy Grand)
• Cedarwal Windbrook Chic - VG-87-3YR
(Windbrook x Beaucoise Goldwyn Coupole VG-87-2YR 4* x 7 Gen VG or EX)
• Cedarwal Gypsy Baxter - EX-92 (94 MS, 87 F&L, 94 DS, 95 R)
(Baxter x VG-85-2YR 13* Champion x Gypsy Grand)
• Cedarwal Goldwyn Rainbow - EX-90 (92 MS, 92 F&L, 87 DS, 90 R)
(Goldwyn that goes back to Stookey Elm Park Blackrose EX 96 7*)

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