July 23, 2012

Classification Highlights from Woodcrest

Woodcrest classified last week, just shy of 200 cows were evaluated.  Here are some of the highlights!

Some of the new Very Good Two-Year-Olds:

  • Arethusa Laurin Annette, VG-85 ( Laurin x Ashlyns Angel)
  • GBM Shottle Analise, VG-85 (Shottle x GBM Durham BC Annabell)
  • ZBW-JP At Last, VG-85 (Atwood Jr 2 Yr old x Toystory Louana x Durham Lizzy)
  • Lismore Shottle Bella, VG-85 (Shottle x EX-92 Outside x Schilldale Durham Buttercup)
  • Hendel Dorne Bella 2971, VG-85 (Dorne x EX Burt x VG Lynch)
  • Cook-Farm Gold Brianne, VG-86 (Full sister to Cook-Farm Gold Brookie – the dam of the #5 genomic tested hfr for July)
  • Lismore Butter Cake, VG-86 (GTPI +2011 Shottle back to Buttercup)
  • Miss Ed Daphne, raised to VG-86 (GTPI +2266 Planet x 87 Oman back to Regancrest Debbie Jo)
  • Ziems-EF Sanchez Eternal, VG-87 (CTPI +1814 85points above PA! Sanchez x EX-91 Goldwyn back to Elegance 1st Sr 2 Yr Old & BU CNY Holstein Show)
  • Oakfield-Bro GW Friera, raised to VG-87 (GTPI +1905 Goldwyn from Finesse family – 2nd Sr 2 Yr Old CNY Holstein Show)
  • Vatland Atw Mariah 3060 raised to VG-86 (GTPI +2095 Atwood x VG-89 Oman)
  • Ms T-Farm Big Time Piece, VG-87 (GTPI +2083 Big Time x 93 Best x Durham Premium)
  • Playball Sho Thanks, VG-85 (Shottle x Morningview Gold Tiara, EX-92) Dam of Cameron daughter GTPI +2422 for July
  • UFM-DUBS Shechez, VG-87 (Sanchez x EX Shottle x UFM-DUBS Eroy)

New Excellent and raised Cows:

  • Lismore Pronto Apple, EX-90 (Pronto from Adeen family)
  • Blue-Gene Bolton Bennie, EX-90 EX-MS(Bolton x EX Mr Sam x EX Storm)
  • Elm-Spring Talent Butterfly, EX-90 92-MS (Talent x VG-85 Vince x VG-85 Astre)
  • Stone-Rise Gabor Kit Kat, 2E-91 EX-MS (Gabor x VG-88 Judge x VG-86 Ned)
  • Stone-Rise Talent Latta, EX-90 EX-MS (RC Talent x VG-88 Rubens x VG-88 Energy)
  • Sibert Goldwyn Stacey, EX-92  93-MS (GTPI +1996 Goldwyn x VG-88 Burt) 1st & BU 4 Yr Old CNY Holstein Show and Reserve Grand Champion
  • Ziems Redliner Suni Rae, EX-90 (Redliner x EX-91 Advent x Rubi Rae Socks) Not bad for calving in with triplets a couple months ago!

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