February 19, 2013

Classification Results from Woodcrest

Cook-Farm Gold Brookie EX-92 (95-MS) @ 3-04 and sells as LOT #1 in the Woodcrest Bridge Excellence Sale!

It was a busy couple weeks preparing and throw a full day of pictures into it – all in all we had some great results of two days of classification – both Jerseys and Holsteins! All total – 416 Holsteins plus 4 Jerseys = 420 head paraded for the classifiers! There were 57 new VG 2 yr olds and 4 new EX cows!

Topping it all off are:

  • Cook-Farm Gold Brookie, EX-92 (95 MS) @ 3-4 +1992 GTPI Dam of 10+ daughters over +2250 GTPI and extreme for type! She sells as LOT #1 in the Woodcrest Bridge Excellence Sale!
  • SRF-ZBW Storm Lucky, EX-94 (95 MS – 100 RP) All-NY 5 Yr Old (Stormatic x Stone-Rise Durham Lizzy, 3E-95)
  • Woodcrest Million 40, EX-90 (92 MS) @ 3-5 (Million x 83 Blitz x Morty)
  • Ridgedale Toystory Roll, EX-90  @ 4-0 (Toystory x Miss Ridgedale Rhonda, 2E-92)
  • Hendel Dorne Bella 2971, EX-90 (EX MS) @ 3-6 (Creek Dorne x Hendel Burt Bridget 2327, EX-90 x 87 Lynch x 86 Beta)
  • Coyne-Farm Bkeye Yvonne, VG-87 GPTI +2111 (Manfred Yadda Family) * She also sells in the Woodcrest Bridge to Excellence!
  • Burr-Ayr Bolton Tressa, VG-88 GTPI +2063 (Bolton x EX Oman) Dam of BAF-ZBW Turning Layne, GTPI +2423 selling in the sale June 8th!

Some of the notable two year olds new and raised scores:

  • Vision-Gen Sup Guva, VG-87 (EX MS) @ 2-8  GTPI +2168 (Super x EX Goldwyn x EX Outside x EX full sister to Regancrest-PR Barbie)
  • Ziems-EF Sanchez Eternal, VG-89 (Sanchez x EX-92 Goldwyn X EX-92 Gibson x Elegance) 9th Sr 2 Yr old NY International Spring Show ’12 due back for 2013 show season!
  • ZBW-JP At Last, VG-88 (Atwood x Toystory Louana, EX-92 x 3E-95 Lizzy) 1st Jr 2 Yr Old and Intermediate Champion St Lawrence County Holstein Show ‘12
  • Ms T-Farm ZBW Big Time Piece, VG-88 (Big Time x EX-93 Best x Ex-92 Durham Premium) GTPI +1991
  • P-ZBW Sanchez Triumph, VG 88 (Sanchez x EX-91 Durham x EX-92 Eland Tristen x 3E-97 Tamara)
  • Regan-Bh-Alh M Dannah, VG-87 (ManOMan x Windsor Manor Z-Delight) GTPI +2113
  • Genesee-Hill Bogart Mae, VG-85 @ 2-5 (Bogart x VG Planet) GTPI +2163
  • Shebs Goldwyn Hawaii, VG-88 (Goldwyn x Champion Hope x Hazel) Look for daughters of this awesome heifer in the sale!
  • S-S-I Bowsr Whisper 7054,  VG-85 GTPI +2097 (Bowser x VG-87 Laudan x Outside Wish, 2E-95)
  • Bru-dale Super Sasha, VG-85 @ 2-5 GTPI +2105 (Super x EX Shottle x VG-87 Marathon)
  • Jnp-Ath-Mor SSI Sbn 5328, VG-85 @ 2-6 GTPI +2025 (Sebastian x VG Bret x Veazland Shottle Marina, EX-91)
  • Woodcrest Atwood Esther, VG-85 @ 1-11 (Atwood x Ridgedale Escalate, VG-88 x EX-92 Mandel x 3E-95 Lindy Estelle x 3E-95 Fond Example) Jr 2 Yr Old Prospect for 2013
  • S-S-I Beacon LaRose 7281, VG-85 @ 1-11 (Beacon x ZBW Shaquille Lightning, VG-86 x Storm Lucky, EX-94 x 3E-95 Lizzy) GTPI +1987
  • Mountfield SH Atw R12124, VG-88 @ 2-8 (Atwood x MsKingsmill Dundee Reign, EX-91 x Astrahoe Raleigh Lee Robust, EX-94 back to Royal Rosa)

Two VG Observer Daughters:

  • Horizon-Jay Shot-Obsee, VG-86 (EX MS)  GTPI +2174 (Observer x VG-86 Shottle x Brass Lestate, EX-91 x 3E-95 Lizzy)
  • Regancrest-BH O Gallory, VG-85 GTPI +2115 (Observer x VG-88 Goldwyn x Gold-N-Oaks Marbella, VG-89)

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