September 2, 2013

Embryos from the #1 RC/RED on the Locator List

Morningview Super Roxy *RC VG-86-3YR-USA | Her Destined *RC embryos sell

Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo sale are embryos of Morningview Super Roxy *RC. Super Roxy is the #1 cow on the *RC/Red Locator List and has already several high scoring daughters that are high on the charts. The #1 *RC/Red heifer in the breed is Super Roxys Mogul daughter Morningview Mgl Roxy *RC GTPI+2445, she has two full sisters at GTPI+2411 and GTPI+2364 and a maternal sister by Numero Uno GTPI+2380 in the top 25. Selling are Super Roxy *RC her Destined *RC embryos.

  • Lot 1 Destined *RC x Morningview Super Roxy *RC 

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