May 19, 2015

Exciting classification at Oakfield Corners

Oakfield Corners

Oakfield Corners Dairy had an exciting classification recently with several new Very Good and new Excellent scored cows.

New VG-2-Year Olds

  • Hez ATwood Haidee VG-88-2YR (Atwood x Hezbollah)
  • Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle VG-88-2YR EX-MS
  • Oakfield Bro F Fleurette VG-88-2YR EX-MS sold in Spring Sensation Sale
  • Ms Blondin Windbrook Susannah VG-87-2YR (Windbrook x EX Jasper x Skychief Supra)
  • Larcrest Cologne VG-85 (Epic x Crimson)
  • Landis-MRK Mogul Zaneta VG-85-2YR (Mogul from the Rud Zips)
  • OCD Hero Jethro Tull VG-86-2YR sold in Spring Sensation Sale
  • OCD McCutchen Detroit VG-87-2YR (McCutchen x Dorcy x Elegant Delight)
  • OCD McCutchen Dueller VG-86-2YR (Mogul x Elegant Delight)
  • OCD McCutchen Dublin VG-86-2YR (McCutchen x Observer x Goldwyn Delicious)
  • OCD Mogul Armageddon VG-85-2YR (Mogul x Fred A12276)

New Excellent cows and Excellent cows raised in score

  • Ernest Anthony Jaz Tempo EX-94 94-MS (Jasper x EX Gibson x Inspiration Tina family)
  • Savage-Leigh Atwood Cris EX-92 94-MS (Atwood x Dundee Celeste)
  • Oakfield Bro Re Rage-Red EX-90 91-MS (Reality x EX-94 Red Marker x Skycief Finesse)
  • OCD G Dances With Wolves EX-90-3YR (Gold Chip x Elegant Delight)

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