August 11, 2014

Exciting consignments Pine-Tree to Summer Extravaganza

Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 | Several members of the Rudy Missy family sell

Pine Tree Dairy has several exciting animals consigned to the Ohio Holstein Summer Extravaganza & Summer Sale which is held at the Wayny County Fairgrounds on August 16 startin at 2:00 pm. 

  • Lot 1 Pine-Tree 4445 Yano 5191 VG-86-2YR GTPI+2200, Sells Open and Ready to flush! Consigned by Pine-Tree Dairy

  • Lot 7 Westvale-Vu Jives Wonder GP-84 GTPI+2033, a Jives daughter that goes back to Norz-Hill Cleitus Winken EX-90 GMD DOM 

  • Lot 8 Pine-Tree 1722 Gala 6218, a GTPI+2098 Galaxy daughter of Lot 3

  • Lot 10 Pine-Tree 2149 Dolc 4975 VG-85-2YR, a GTPI+2073 Dolce daughter of Pine-Tree Zenith Sheen, the Rudy Missys!

  • Lot 11 Pine-Tree 4511 Graf 5312 GP-82, a GTPI+2159 Grafeeti daughter that goes back to the Rudy Missys!

  • Lot 12 Pine-Tree 2511 Gold 5331, a GTPI+2108 Gold Chip that goes back to the same cowfamily as Regancrest-PR Barbie!

  • Lot 27 Tramilda-N Special-Red-ET VG-87-3YR, a Debonair from a Show Winning Family!

  • Lot 34 10 #1 grade Armani *RC embryos from Budjon-JK Dundee Edalyn EX-92

  • Lot 49 Pine-Tree Million Sheila 4306 VG-88-4YR, From the Pippys!

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