February 22, 2011

Freddie x Shottle Maui to Limited Edition Sale from Morningview

Morningview Shottle Maui-ET VG-87 GTPI+2103

Morningview Holsteins sends a 10/10 Freddie from the Lead Maes to the Limited Edition Sale. A high GTPI/NM Freddie at +2207G and +677NM$ sells from Shottle Maui VG-87, GTPI+2103. Deep pedigree, high genomics and a fantastic offering from Holstein Plaza member, Morningview Holsteins!

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Morningview Holsteins
21375 Cottage Hill Road
Durango, Iowa 52039
United States

Phone: 563-552-2172
Email: dschmitt@yousq.net