June 6, 2019

Impressive ADDED LOTS

Misty-Moor Rubi Zinnia
Misty-Moor Rubi Zinnia
Misty-Moor Modest Pimp
Markland Delta Yoda

Check out these three tremendous additions to the Online Embryo Auction! Sired by bundle and out of three impressive Misty-Moor donors.

Lot 22: SEXED BUNDLE x Misty-Moor Fraz Zuper - Selling four #1 grade SEXED BUNDLE (GTPI+2866 / +1032NM$) embryos backed by the huge indexing Frazzled daughter, Zuper! Zuper scores +2736 GTPI with +939 NM$ and huge production (+1744M) and components (+0.13%F). Don't miss this top NET MERIT mating from the Rud Zips! VIEW LOT

Lot 23: SEXED BUNDLE x Misty-Moor Reso Pryme - Selling five #1 grade SEXED BUNDLE (GTPI +2866 / +1032NM$) embryos sell from the high indexing Resolve daughter, Pryme! Pryme boasts a unique combination of +2732GTPI, +825NM$ and a high 4.0DPR. She also brings a high +8.6PL and +2.76UDC. Don't miss out on these fantastic embryos backed by Brookturn Rudolph PANSY! VIEW LOT

Lot 24: SEXED BUNDLE x Misty-Moor Swch Yodel - Selling four #1 grade SEXED BUNDLE (GTPI+2866 +1032NM$) embryos sell from the high indexing Charley daughter scoring +2713 GTPI with +7.6 PL, +2.0 DPR, SCE 6.9% and a low 2.55 SCS. Over +2800 PA-GTPI. VIEW LOT

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Misty-Moor Holsteins
946-A Fleetwood Lyons Road
Fleetwood, Pennsylvania 19522
United States

Phone: +1 610-944-6605