October 7, 2014

Kings-Ransom Classification

We were excited to have 12 new Excellent cows by sires such as Roy, Pronto, Onyx, Jardin and Trigger.  Maternal sisters Bookem Deztiny (+2121G) and Iota Dynamo (+2134G) were also Excellent at three years.  Four Super daughters are also new excellents, including 3 full sisters who are daughters of Kings-Ransom Shottle Fiddle EX-91.

Raised in score were also six to EX-91, one each at 92 and 93 and a new cow at EX-94 - Kings-Ransom Potter Risbee-ET with an EX-95 MS at the age of 8-10.

A nice group of young cows included 33 new Very Good (1st Lactation) that were sired by Dover, Domain, Robust, Cameron, Burton, Meteor, Gold Chip, Yano, Grafeeti, Numero Uno, Epic, Petrone, Iota, Mogul and others. Some highlights:

De-Su 1912 (VG87, EX-MS, 2452G) - high seller 2014 World Classic Sale
Kings-Ransom Uno Rheema (VG85, 2319G)
Kings-Ransom Uno Rhonda (VG87, 2231G)
Kings-Ransom Robust Linlin (VG87, EX-MS, 2216G)
Kings-Ransom Petrone Frill (VG87, 2192G)
Bacon-Hill Mogul Paige (VG86, EX-MS, 2422G - Owned by Midas-Touch Genetics)
BAF-ZBW O-Style Tabitha (VG86, 2272G) - Owned by Higher-Ransom)
Higherransom Mogul GoGo (VG86, 2316G)
Kings-Ransom Mogul Cleavage (VG86, 2121G)
Kings-Ransom Sudan Right (VG85, 2247G)
Kings-Ransom Grafeeti Dewars (VG85, 2115G)

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