September 24, 2020

Misty-Moor Holsteins adds Frazzled Daughter to Donor List

Misty-Moor Fraz Zuper-ET VG-85

Misty-Moor Holsteins is proud to add Misty-Moor Frazz Zuper-ET to their list of donors. Zuper is one of the highest ranking Frazzled daughters scored GP-80 or higher and of those ranks in the top 10 for Frazzled daughters scored VG-85 or higher. She has already produced several high ranking daughters, including three with over +2850 GTPI after the August 2020 proof run. Zuper combines great production, a high productive life, and negative stature. 

Zuper's highest daugher is a December 2019 heifer sired by Diversity, Misty-Moor Diversity Zee-ET. Zee-ET scores +2891 GTPI, +819 NM$, +1060 lbs of Milk, +120 lbs of Fat, and over +50 lbs of Protein. She carries her Dam's negative stature and high productive life with +4.7 PL.

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