Click to enlarge - Cowtown Atwood Lucyfer
9 September 2014
Donor Update from Brigeen Farms

The donor section of Brigeen Farms has been updated with an exciting heifer, Cowtown Atwood Lucyfer is an exciting young Atwood daughter from Elleeta Skybuck Lucy EX-95 3E EEEEE, the Grand Champion of the World Dairy Expo of 2007! Alsonow in a flush program is teh VG-87 Lauthority from the Durham sister to VT-Pond-View Gold Levi EX-93 95-MS

Click to enlarge - Passion Halogen Daryna *PO
8 September 2014
Snapshot Passion Halogen Daryna *PO

CLICK HERE to take a look at the snapshot of Passion Halogen Daryna *PO, the snapshot was taken at only 45 days of age! Daryna is a POLLED Halogen daughter that goes back to an unique maternal line of the RAVENS! Daryna is also a Potential Red Carrier and scores an exciting GTPI+2144 including high scores for DPR (+2.4) and Productive Life (+6.4)! Her Dam is recently pictured and will be re-scored soon! Don't miss the opportunity to buy into the family that already delivered bulls like Danillo, Gold Day, Dakota and many more! Buyers satisfaction guaranteed!

Click to enlarge - Preston Gabor Rita 3777 VG-85-2YR | Her Polled & RC Sympatico daughter sells,  #1 Polled & #2 Red Carrier for Milk in the Breeds!
8 September 2014
Ready to Flush & Selling!

Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale are several lots that are ready to flush! You can start working with these elite heifers and cows straight away, whether your goal is to sell embryos or to make offspring! Don't miss these fantastic opportunities!

  • Lot 4 K-Manor Runaway 308 *RC *PO | The #1 Polled & #2 Red Carrier for Milk in the Breed from an Unique Pedigree! She has been in heat and she could start flushing SOON! No Earnhardt in the pedigree!
  • Lot 7 Seagull-Bay Strn Jenamay | From the tremendous Shauna's! Selling is a GTPI+2337 Jacey daughter from the Man O Man daughter of Shauna, maternal sister to dam is the dam of the #1 GTPI Sire in the Breed, Silver!
  • Lot 9 White-G-D Supersire Carlee | Flush-Age Supersire heifer from the tremendous Cosmopolitants... Carlee scores +2170lbs. Milk with +181lbs. Fat + Protein!
  • Lot 12 Ensenada Effect P Piety *RC | Fantastic Offering - Flush-Age, OUTCROSS & Red Carrier from the same family as Planet! GTPI+2228, NM$+709 & huge health traits!
  • Lot 14 Larcrest Credit VG-85-2YR DOM | Credit sells Open & Ready to Flush! Credit is a tremendous transmitter with already several high testing offspring including a Predestine daughter that sold for $200,000 at the Destination Naples Sale!
  • Lot 15 Alexas McCutchen Jazzy Rae | Flush-Age McCutchen daugther with PTAT+3.44 that goes back to the tremendous Debutante Raes! 
Click to enlarge - Scientific Debutante Rae EX-92 | a Flush-Age McCutchen daughter with +3.44 on type from her family sells!
8 September 2014
Flush-Age McCutchen from the Debutantes sells!

Selling as lot 15 in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale is a Flush-Age McCutchen heifer from the tremendous Debutante Rae family. Alexas McCutchen Jazzy Rae scores and exciting +3.44 on type and goes back to the Shottle daughter of Debutante Rae, Scientific Darling Rae *RC VG-86 DOM. Don't miss the tremendous opportunity to bring a Debutante Home!

Click to enlarge - Lot 6 Josey-LLC Jabir Sting *RC
5 September 2014
Snapshots Lot 5 & 6... Two Tremendous RC heifers from the Silks

Take a look at the Snapshots of Lot 5 & Lot 6 of the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale. These two high testing Red Carrier Jabir daughters are both backed by the tremendous Brood Cow Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk EX-90 92-MS, who was Nominated Global Red Impact Cow 2014 by HI and is the dam of the mating sires Sympatico *RC, Seneca *RC and Stoic *RC.

  • Lot 5 Josey-LLC Jabir Stacey *RC | One of the highest Red Carrier Females for Net Merit in North America, NM$+811! Early RC Jabir with GTPI+2335DPR+2.4 and PL+5.9, next dam recently VG-85-2YR scored Alchemy daughter of Planet Silk EX-90!
  • Lot 6 Josey-LLC Jabir Sting *RC | One of the highest RED CARRIER Net Merit females in the Breed, NM$+816, Josey-LLC Jabir Sting *RC. Tremendous Jabir daughter directly out of Planet Silk scoring nearly +150 lbs. Fat + Protein with excellent Fitness Traits (DPR+1.3 PL+5.1)!

CLICK HERE to view the snapshots of both heifers!

Click to enlarge - Ensenada Effect P Piety *RC | OUTCROSS, Flush Age & Red Carrier with a GTPI of +2228G sells!
5 September 2014
Ensenada Effect P Piety *RC... OUTCROSS, RC & Flush Age

If you are looking for an interesting heifer with great genomics, outcross and something where you can start working with very soon, then Lot 12 is a tremendous opportunity. Ensenada Effect P Piety *RC is a Flush-Age Red Carrier Daughter of Special Effect from the cow family that produced Planet. Piety *RC scores GTPI+2228 NM$+709 with tremendous Fitness Traits including DPR+1.6, PL+6.0 and SCS 2.50, which she combines with an allround type proof with great udders (UDC 2.86). But what makes her even more interesting is her OUTCROSS pedigree with sires as Special Effect, Alan an Amel (also the dam of Planet).

Click to enlarge - Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 GMD DOM | Several lots from this tremendous cow family sell!
5 September 2014
Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction Open For Bidding

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is now open for bidding. Offerings from the best North American cow families direct from the top quality herds of Holstein Plaza members sell and featuring numerous packages by sexed semen. In total, the auction includes forty exciting lots from North America's premier cow families and sired by the industry's hottest sires including Silver, Draco Delta, Missouri, Powerball-P, Blueprint PP *RC, Damaris, Goldwyn, Durham, Talent *RC and more! CLICK HERE for a direct link to the auction site.

Click to enlarge - Passion Ladd Darquise *RC *PO | Dam of Lot 11 in the Online Heifer Sale
4 September 2014
Update Lot 11... Passion Ladd Darquise is pictured.

The Dam of Lot 11, Passion Ladd Darquise *RC *PO has been pictured. Darquise calved at 20 months of age and was scored GP-81 84-MS at the age of 1 year and 9 months only 5 weeks fresh, she will be re-scored soon and looks like she will move up! She is working on a tremendous first lactation and is projected close to 25.250 Lbs of Milk with 3.6%F and 3.01%P. Great Opportuntiy to buy an early Polled Halogen from an Unique Pedigree withouth Earnhardt! Daryna is also a potential Red Carrier (test results are not back)!

Click to enlarge - Larcrest Cale VG-89-2YR DOM | Her GTPI+2558 Defender granddaughter sells
4 September 2014
Tremendous Offering at Online Heifer Sale... +2558G Sells!

Selling as lot 1 in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale is a tremendous offering, Ms Canto Def 1066 is a GTPI+2558 Defender grand daughter of Larcrest Cale VG-89-2YR-USA! Ms Canto Def 1066 is one of the highest Defender daughters in the Breed scoring nearly +1500 lbs. Milk combined with over 3.00 points on Udders, Feet & Legs and Type, terrific Health Traits and NM$+871! Don't miss the opportunity to buy one of the highest heifers in the Breed!

Click to enlarge - Sandy-Valley Mano Brydan VG-88-2YR DOM | Her Shamrock daughters scored VG-87 & VG-86 as 2 Year-Olds!
4 September 2014
Fantastic Classification Day at Sandy-Valley

Sandy Valley Farms recenlty had a fantastic classification day! CLICK HERE to read the classification Highlights.