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13 August 2014
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12 August 2014
Silver and Doors Open on top of the Young Sire Charts!

Seagull-Bay Silver takes the #1 spot on the GTPI Young Sire list (with NAAB code). Silver is a Mogul son from the Snowman daughter of Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG-87, also dam to Supersire! New on the 2nd place is the Unique Pedigreed Doorman son of Ladys-Manor Dorcy Oda VG-88-2YR.

  1. Seagull-Bay Silver GTPI+2622 +3.28T

  2. Ladys-Manor Doors Open GTPI+2619 +3.67T

  3. Cogent Supershot GTPI+2614 +2.20T

  4. Mr Delicious Coin 15006 GTPI+2610 +3.12T

  5. De-Su 12128 Trailor GTPI+2610 +3.30T

CLICK HERE for a link to the top 50 GTPI Young Sire list (with NAAB code, Source: Holstein USA)

12 August 2014
Facebook #1 GTPI Proven Sire

Mabri Facebook (Man O Man x Airraid x Shottle) is the new #1 GTPI proven sire with +2356G.

  1. Marbri Facebook GTPI+2356 +2.49T

  2. Coyne-Farms Dorcy GTPI+2352 +3.10T

  3. Roylane Socra Robust GTPI+2347 +1.91T

  4. Den-K altaGreatest GTPI+2330 +2.17T

  5. De-Su 521 Bookem GTPI+2319 +2.55T

CLICK HERE for the Top 25 Proven Sires on GTPI

12 August 2014
New Top 25 GPA-LPI Heifer >9 Months Online

The new Top 25 GPA-LPI heifers over 9 months is now Online. The list contains several Huge testing daughters of Velthuis SG Snow Evening and her full sister Velthuis S G Snow Event.

  1. Silverridge V Doorman Erupt GPA-LPI+3563 +19Conf.

  2. Silverridge V Munition Erlina GPA-LPI+3535 +12Conf.

  3. Silverridge V McCut Entranced GPA-LPI+3493 +20Conf.

  4. Silverridge V McCut Enchanted GPA-LPI+3493 +20Conf.

  5. Pes009 Supersire Breanne GPA-LPI+3471 +13Conf.

CLICK HERE to view the complete top 25

12 August 2014
Supersire sons dominate the GPA-LPI Young Sire Chart

The Supersire sons are dominating the GPA-LPI Young Sire Charts in Canada. Glen-D-Haven altaHotrod is the new #1 scoring GPA-LPI+3606 and +16Conf. 

  1. Glen-D-Haven altaHotrod GPA-LPI+3606 +16Conf

  2. RH Superman GPA-LPI+3551 +11Conf

  3. Bryceholme SS Boastful GPA-LPI+3492 +11Conf

  4. Welcome SS Peterpan GPA-LPI+3475 +9Conf

  5. EDG Rubicon GPA-LPI+3471 +10 Conf

CLICK HERE to view the Top 25 GPA-LPI Young Sires in Canada.

12 August 2014
altaRazor new #1 Proven LPI sire Canada

Mel-Crest altaRazor is the new #1 LPI sire in Canada scoring LPI+3038. It was also a fantastic run for Larcrest Holsteins with the debut of 3 sires from their breeding program in the top 25! Larcrest Chavez and his Identical brother Camelot (Planet x Larcrest Crimson EX-92 GMD DOM) both debut with LPI+2842 and Larcrest Contrast (Alexander x Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87 GMD DOM) debuts with LPI+2808 +14Conformation!

  1. Mel-Crest altaRazor LPI+3038 +11Conf

  2. Regancrest altaIota LPI+2987 +8Conf

  3. Flevo Genetics Snowman LPI+2969 +14Conf

  4. De-Su Gillespy LPI+2963 +12Conf

  5. Long-Langs Oman Oman LPI+2926 +8Conf.

CLICK HERE for the Top 25

Click to enlarge - Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 | Several members of the Rudy Missy family sell
11 August 2014
Exciting consignments Pine-Tree to Summer Extravaganza

Pine Tree Dairy has several exciting animals consigned to the Ohio Holstein Summer Extravaganza & Summer Sale which is held at the Wayny County Fairgrounds on August 16 startin at 2:00 pm. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Pine-Tree consignments.

Click to enlarge - Arethusa-I Gold Marche EX-93 | Gold Marche won the Top Production Cow Award at the Atlantic Summer Classic 2014
11 August 2014
Arethusa-I Gold Marche wins Top Production Cow Award

Arethusa-I Gold Marche EX-93 95-MS has won the Top Production Cow Award at the Atlantic Summer Classic, she was also 2nd placed Aged Cow. She is the Goldwyn granddaughter of Hillcroft Leader Melanie EX-96 3E!

Click to enlarge - Lindenright Morty Delicio EX-93-CAN 2E | Her Manifold Granddaughter was Reserve Grand Champion at the Atlantic Summer Classic Show
11 August 2014
Lindenright Manifold Dime Res. Grand Champion!

Great success for Lindenright Holsteins at the Atlantic Holstein Summer Classic, Lindenright Manifold Dime VG-89-3YR (Manifold x Goldwyn (full sister to Lindenright Goldwyn Daytona EX-91) x Lindenright Mory Delicio EX-93-CAN 2E) was 2nd Sr. 3-Yr-Old and Reserve Grand Champion!

8 August 2014
August Proof Run... Next week Tuesday

Next Tuesday - August 12 is the official sire evaluation release. Watch for all the latest details including the new high bulls and females!