4 April 2014
Top 25 GTPI RED Heifers in the U.S. is now online
  • 1- SNOWBIZ SYMPATICO SOFIA-RED-ET (Sympatico x Snowman x Bolton) GTPI+2429
  • 2- RI-VAL-RE TGO BRONZE-RED-ET *VRC (Tango x Epic x Man-O-Man) GTPI+2370
  • 3- MISS APPLE ARIA-RED-ET (Alchemy x Regiment-Red x Durham) GTPI+2350
  • 4- PINE-TREE 685OAK6105-RED-ET *VRC (AltaOak x Guthrie x Shottle) GTPI+2350
  • 5- PINE-TREE 5092 S5860-RED-ET (Sympatico x Colt P x Zenith) GTPI+2326


View Chart of the Top 25 GTPI RED Heifers in the U.S. The chart includes sire stack, cow family and current owner. 

4 April 2014
Top 25 GTPI *RC Heifers in the U.S. is now online
  • 1- BLONDIN TJR SUPERSIRE AROMA *RC (Supersire x Alchemy x Durham) GTPI+2586
  • 2- CALBRETT SUPERSIRE BARB *RC (Supersire x Super x Talent) GTPI+2495
  • 3- TWIN-BIRCH KOOL BEUHLAH 893 *RC (AltaKool x AltaGreatest x AltaBueno) GTPI+2457
  • 4- DYMENTHOLM SUNVIEW SASSY *RC (Epic x Planet x Bolton) GTPI+2436
  • 5- MS SUNVIEW COIN SUNBOW *RC (Cashcoin x Snowman x Planet) GTPI+2424


View Chart of the Top 25 GTPI *RC Heifers in the U.S. The chart includes sire stack, cow family and current owner. 

Click to enlarge - Vangoh Durham Treasure EX-96 99-MS
4 April 2014
Auction NOW OPEN for Bidding!

The Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction is now open for bidding. Offerings from the best North American cow families direct from the top quality herds of Holstein Plaza members sell and featuring numerous packages by sexed semen. In total, the auction includes over forty exciting lots from North America's premier cow families and sired by the industry's hottest sires including EARLY Kingboy, Commander, Addiction-P-Red, Bombero, Racer, Man-P, Armani *RC, Windbrook and more!

Click to enlarge - Richmond-FD Pompey EX-90 DOM
3 April 2014
Coyne-Farms Classification Highlights

Coyne-Farms recent classification ended with several new Excellents and Very Good two-year-olds including a Colt P with an 88 pt. mammary system out of Richmond-FD Pompey. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Cogent Supershot
3 April 2014
Cogent Supershot dominates global rankings

Cogent Supershot continues to stand ahead of the pack following a very successful proof day, becoming the number one available Holstein genomic sire for both the USA’s and Canada’s key breeding indexes, GTPI and GLPI. READ MORE

Click to enlarge - Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue VG-88-2YR-CAN
2 April 2014
Lavanguard Sue Sons Top Type Charts

Two sons of Misty Springs Lavanguard Sue VG-88-2YR-CAN are topping the type charts (tied as No. 1 Conf. in Canada) and will be available through Semex.

• Walnutlawn Solomon (Doorman) +21 Conf. (24DGV) and +4.50 Type.
• Walnutlawn Stealth (Elaborate) +21 Conf. (23DGV) and +4.35 Type.

2 April 2014
Top 10 GTPI Heifers in the U.S.

1. MS DELICOUS NIGHTOUT-ET (Numero Uno x Robust x Planet) GTPI+2779
2. PROGENESIS ENFORCER PAT-ET (Enforcer x Cameron x Planet) GTPI+2679
3. DE-SU MOGUL 3336-ET (Mogul x Shamrock x Man O Man) GTPI+2672
4. PEN-COL SS BETH-ET (Supersire x Grafeeti x Superstition) GTPI+2670
5. DE-SU UNO 3100-ET (Numero Uno x Shamrock x Man O Man) GTPI+2642
6. DA-SO-BURN BURBERRY (Numero Uno x Dorcy x Oman) GTPI+2636
7. RI-VAL-RE NUM UNO NADY-ET (Numero Uno x Super x Goldwyn) GTPI+2634
8. MS DELICIOUS SUNDAY-ET (Shotglass x Robust X Planet) GTPI+2632
9. KINGS-RANSOM DOORM DINA-ET (Doorman x Dorcy x Baxter) GTPI+2624
10. DF SUPERSIRE JANIE 1316-ET (Supersire x Denim x Planet) GTPI+2614

View Charts of the Top 50 Top GTPI Calves and Top 50 GTPI Heifers

Click to enlarge - Ladys-Manor Dorcy Oda VG-88-2YR VG-MS
2 April 2014
Delicious and Oda remain top on Locator List

Miss OCD Robst Delicious jumped +46 pts and remains top of the Locator List for April 2014 with a GTPI of +2547. With a GTPI of +2449, Ladys-Manor Dorcy Oda maintains her position as the No. 2 GTPI Cow on the Locator List. VIEW CHART of Top 50

Click to enlarge - Miss OCD Robst Delicious-ET VG-86-2YR • GTPI+2547
1 April 2014
Robust jumps +76 pts to take No. 1 spot

Roylane Socra Robust is the new No. 1 GTPI Proven Sire for April 2014 increasing his GTPI by +76 pts and now scores +2324G. VIEW CHART of Top 25

1 April 2014
Top 25 GLPI Cows in Canada for April 2014

Ste Odile Manoman Model Saphir maintains the No. 1 spot on the Top Genomic LPI Cow Report for April 2014. Several newcomers to the list by Snowman including Velthuis S G Snow Evening VG-87-2YR-CAN. VIEW CHART