Click to enlarge - View-Home Mcc Alabama GP-82 VG-MS
August 23, 2016
View-Home Mcc Alabama scored and pictured

View-Home Mcc Alabama the genomic powerhouse with numerous offspring over +2700G and full sister to Monterey has been pictured and is now scored GP-82 VG-87-MS. 

Click to enlarge - Bella Rosa GW Sara
August 19, 2016
Fantastic day Oakfield Corners at WNY Regional Show!

Oakfield Corners had a tremendous day at the Western New York Regional Show recently, exhibiting both Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion. 1st Place Aged Cow Bella Rosa GW Sara (s. Goldwyn) was Grand Champion and Long Haven Sid Carla (s. Sid), 1st Place 4-Yr-Old Reserve Grand Champion! Congralutions!

Click to enlarge - Morsan Mogul Spooky VG-86-2YR | Her Light My Fire embryos sell!
August 18, 2016
Light My Fire embryos from the Spooky family!

Selling as Lot 11 in the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are four #1 grade Light My Fire (GTPI+2533 +3.14T / DGV-LPI+3490 +19 Conformation) from GLPI+3111 +13 Conf. Mogul daughter backed by Brabantdale Triumphant Spooky EX-CAN 2E 54*! Tremendous offering from the heart of the popular Spooky family. Mogul Spooky has several sons in AI already! 

Click to enlarge - Larcrest Cosmopolitan VG-87 GMD DOM
August 18, 2016
Auction Closes TODAY... Only couple short hours left.

Today is the very last day of the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction! In just a few short hours the auction will close - log on and place your bids now! Click here for a direct link to the auction site. The auction closes beginning at 4:00 p.m. (EST) using the popcorn bidding/5-minute rule system. Index... Show Type..... Production... Red & White...... Polled... Contract Opportunities... Whatever your interest or breeding goals - we have it! Don't miss the most affordable way to get into these elite cow families with embryos starting as low as $200.

Click to enlarge - Ladys-Manor Hdlr Shastee VG-86
August 17, 2016
Top RZG Bull results from Holstein Plaza Embryo Sale

Milord is the amongst the top RZG sires available in the breed and is the successful result of a Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction purchase. Now being used as a mating sire in Germany and across Europe, Milord has a RZG of +160 and is the Missouri son of Ladys-Manor Hdlr Shastee VG-86 (a purchase off the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale) and the tremendous Ladys-Manor Ruby Jen family.

Click to enlarge - Honeycrest Gwn Rhapsody-ET EX-90 2E
August 17, 2016
Embryos by #1 Proven Sire SALOON!

An exciting embryo lot sired by the #1 Proven Sire in the breed, Sandy-Valley Saloon GTPI+2669 +2749M +87P! Donor of the embryos is a +2530 +3.54 PTA Type Capital Gain daugher backed by an unique sire stack from Honeycrest breeding! Tremendous mating and built in well over GTPI+2600 and over 3 points on type combined with huge production values, don't miss out! 

Click to enlarge - EDG HALLIE UNO HEATHER-ET VG-87-2YR
August 17, 2016
Potential Chart-Topping Bandares and Flagship Embryos SELL!

Selling as lot 2 & 3 are two lots that could make you the next chart-topping female? Selling are SEXED Bandares (GTPI+2807 / gRZG+158) and SEXED Flagship (GTPI+2775 +2.5T) embryos from a GTPI+2626 +2.71 SIlver daughter backed by an already scored VG-87-2YR Numero Uno daughter from a huge AI Family! Don't miss the opportunity to buy a future chart-topping female!


Click to enlarge -
August 17, 2016
Offerings of extreme SHOW TYPE with high PTAT potential

Selling on the Holstein Plaza Online Embryo Auction are several offerings of elite SHOW TYPE embryos with potential to also create the next chart-topping PTAT male or female. READ MORE

August 17, 2016
Vote for your Favorite SHOW COW

Choose your favorite SHOW COW out of the ShowSpots section from the Hotspots Summer 2016 edition. Six fantastic show cows from all around the world and owned by Eurogenes and Holstein Plaza members have been selected and the winner will be published in the Summer 2016 edition and voting ends Monday, August 29. Follow this link to VOTE. Voting online through Facebook, if you don't have facebook, send the name of the cow by email to info@holsteinplaza.comCLICK HERE to read the full online verson of Hotspots.

• Arolene Goldwyn Divine
• JK Eder DG Gold Chip Darling 2
• MDF Goldwyn Breezer 40
• Wyndford Windbrook Erle 6
• Redtag Destry Sneezy-Red
• Modest Lady Gaga

Click to enlarge - Sully Shottle May EX-90 DOM | Early BlowTorch embryos from Supersire granddaughters SELL!
August 16, 2016
EARLY Blowtorch embryos SELL!

Early Blowtorch (GTPI+2756) embryos are offered in the Online Embryo Auction backed by two already scored VG-85-2YR Supersire daughters from the Sully Shottle May family! Don't miss the opportunity to buy into this tremendous cow family!

  • Lot 5: BLOWTORCH x Farnear-TBR-BH Madeline - Five #1 grade EARLY Blowtorch (GTPI+2756 +2.27T) embryos from a Supersire granddaughter of Sully Shottle May EX-90 DOM! Huge family that produced bulls like Meridian, Moonboy, McCutchen and many more
  • Lot 6: BLOWTORCH x Farnear-TBR-BH Mabli - Five #1 grade EARLY Blowtorch embryos from a VG-85-2YR Supersire granddaughter of Sully Shottle May... Same maternal line as the popular sires Meridian, Munition, McCutchen, Moonboy and many more