Click to enlarge - Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red
22 December 2013
First edition of Online Heifer Sale averages $34,643

The first edition of the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale ended with an average price of $34,643 with 14 lots selling to five different countries. The high seller was Lot 1 , Snowbiz Symatpico Sofia-Red, the No. 1 GTPI and GPA-LPI red female in the breed and the No. 1 RZG heifer ever tested on German base. Sofia sold with A.I. and embryo contracts and was the successful purchase of Innovative Holstein Genetics, Jeff Butler, Todd Widholm and Diamond Genetics. Congratulations buyers!

Holstein Plaza hopes everyone has a very happy holiday season and sends our best wishes for a prosperous New Year. Remember Holstein Plaza for all your Holstein genetic needs, with embryo auctions the first and third week of each month and the second edition of the Online Heifer Sale early next spring.

Click to enlarge - Kenmore Snowangel Rae VG-85-2YR
20 December 2013
Exciting Donor Update from Kenmore

The breeders page of Kenmore Holsteins has been updated with three very exciting donors. Kenmore Cloudless Day-ET *RC is one of the highest *RC heifers in the USA scoring GTPI+2333, she will be ready to flush soon. Her dam Kenmore Snowangel Rae *RC VG-85 is an exciting *RC Snowman daughter of Our-Favorite Shnazzy Rae, who sold for $ 57,000 at the World Classic Sale in 2009. Cool-Lawn Richman 3112B-ET is an exciting Outcross heifer that decends from the Ladys-Manor Autumn family. 

Click to enlarge - Claynook Farms Ltd.
20 December 2013
Holstein Plaza welcomes Claynook Farms Ltd.

Holstein Plaza welcomes Claynook Farms Ltd. as member. Located in New Hamburg, Ontario Claynook is working with some of the elite cowfamilies in the breed. The donor-line up consist of several great cows including OCD Planet Diamond VG-86, she has several high daughters and is a close family member to the #1 GTPI Cow & Female in the Breed! Other exciting cows are Vision-Gen Sh Frd A12304, a high GTPI outcross Freddie with several high daughters, Welcome Bronco Patron VG-85 and Misty-Springs M O M Bacardi who decends from Goldwyns cow family.

Click to enlarge - Brigeen Farms
19 December 2013
Classification Highlights from Brigeen

An exciting classification at Brigeen with several new EX cows. Click HERE for the highlights.

Click to enlarge - Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk now EX-90!
19 December 2013
Silk now EX-90!

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk has raised her score to EX-90 EX-91-MS. Silk is the #7 GTPI cow on the *RC/Red Locator List. Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale are two grand daughters of Silk!

19 December 2013
Final Hour... LOG ON NOW and place your Final Bids

Make sure you are at your computer to LOG ON NOW and place your final bids! The auction will be closing within the hour at 4:00 p.m. (EST). Log on now to check out the fantastic opportunities the Heifer Sale has to offer, including:

  • Probably the HOTTEST Female in the Breed, Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red, #1 GTPI, #1 gRZG and #1 GPA-LPI Red female in the world!
  • High GPA-LPI Females including a GPA-LPI+3429 Man-O-Shan daughter from the Cosmopolitans!
  • Elite Choices, Choice of Female Olympians *RC from the most interesting *RC heifers in the breed PA-GTPI+2421 and +2371!
  • HUGE Polled including a GTPI+2324 *RC Polled Man-O-Shan, the #5 GTPI HOMOZYGOUS Polled Female in the USA and a 100% Polled and *RC First Choice Flame (GTPI+2555) from the #1 GTPI Red PP Female!
  • Several exciting Flush Cows!

    Each lot closes at staggering times (every 3 minutes) starting at 4:00 p.m. EST. The sale will use the popcorn bid system/5-minute rule. Until that moment bids will be accepted.
Click to enlarge - Pine-Tree Monica Gal-ET VG-86 DOM | Full sister to 2nd dam of Lot
19 December 2013
Homozygous Polled maternal sister to Remark-P sells

Selling in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale is the Homozygous Polled maternal sister to high Polled sire Pine-Tree-GF Remark GTPI+2258 at ABS. Pine-Tree 1831Earn5693-ET PP is one of the highest Homozygous Polled heifers in the breed scoring GTPI+2079. She is born in March 2013 so she will be ready to flush soon! Great Opportunity from the Rud Missys!

Lot 12 Ms PInetree 4831Earn5693-ET PP

Click to enlarge - Larcrest Credit VG-85-2YR | Her first Female Offering sells!
19 December 2013
Huge GPA-LPI Man-O-Shan from the Cosmopolitans sells

Selling as Lot 2 in the Online Heifer Sale is a Huge GPA-LPI Man-O-Shan from the Cosmopolitans. Speek-NJ Shan Credential is the no. 4 GPA-LPI Man-O-Shan daughter in the breed scoring GPA-LPI+3429, she also scores GTPI+2387 and she will have a RZG test back in January, this could be a BIG Opportunity! Her dam is Freddie daughter Larcrest Credit VG-85-2YR and this is her first Female Offering!

Lot 2 Speek-NJ Shan Credential

Click to enlarge - Snowbiz Sympatico Sofia-Red - #1 GTPI, GPA-LPI and RZG Red Heifer in the World
19 December 2013
Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale Closes Today!

The Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale closes today, December 19, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. (EST) with staggering closing times (every three minutes). Place your bids now ONLINE or by contacting one of the sale staff members listed in the catalog.

Click HERE to read more.

Click to enlarge - Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150-ET VG-87 | GTPI+2376 Platinum daughter sells from her maternal sister by Super
18 December 2013
Unique Offering from the Superior A.I. Ramo 1200

Selling as lot 11 in the Holstein Plaza Online Heifer Sale is an Unique Platinum daughter from the Ramo 1200 cow family. This Superior A.I. family has 8 females in the Top 50 GTPI heifers in the US. and many bulls in A.I. including Racer, Bookem, Distinction and the maternal brother to lot 11 Reflector (GTPI+2459). Woodcrest Platinm Subtle-ET is the #4 Platinum daughter in the breed scoring GTPI+2376, NM$+743 & +3.03T. Her dam is the VG-85-2YR Super (due Dec. 29 and looks to score higher) sister to Breeding Power House Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150-ET who has seven daughters and two sons above GTPI+2400! Unique Opportunity to add a Ramo 1200 to your program!

Lot 11 Woodcrest Platinm Subtle-ET