March 2, 2011

Offerings from Morningview to North American Breeders Showcase

Morningview Shtl Lucy-ET EX-90 DOM | GTPI+2156

Five Fantastic Offering sell this Saturday, March 5 on the North American Breeders Showcase from Morningview Holsteins!

- RARE GTPI+2328 *RC Destry sells from the genomic transmitting giant, Morningview Shottle Lucy GTPI+2156 and from the Lead Maes. The breed's #1 Red/*RC female sells!
- Another Lucy opportunity... A very early Paddy and the #1 GLPI Paddy in Canada. She along with her Destry sister above sell with A.I. and embryo contracts.
- From the Roxys... +2111 GTPI Super from Golden Rae EX-92 and a 8th generation EX Roxy. Numerous embryos exported from this family!
- Also from the Golden Rae family, selling is a First Choice Colt P from Pronto C Rae *RC VG-87 GTPI+1805. Seller guarantees a RED female to choose from.
- 11/10 Observer GTPI+2116 sells from Morningview Toystory April VG-87... deep pedigree heifer back to the Converse Judys!

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