September 10, 2010

Recipient Solutions Owns the #1 Genomic Female This Month

Tom Mercuro, owner of Recipient Solutions in Maryland, owns the #1 genomic-tested female in September with a high GTPI +2454. RMW Super Anane-ET is a Charlesdale Superstition daughter of the #9 GTPI cow, RC-LC Goldwyn ATM, with a GTPI +2193.

Tom also owns the #5 female, RMW Super Aria-ET, with a GTPI +2348 and is Anane's full sister. The #15 genomic female in September is a maternal sister to Anane and Aria, sired by Co-Op Mac Pembroke. RMW Pembroke Adora-ET has a GTPI +2259 and also calls Recipient Solutions her home

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Mercuro Farm
8920 New Cut Rd
Rocky Ridge, Maryland 21778
United States

Phone: +1 804-306-8925