November 23, 2015

Siemers Holsteins Classifies

Duckett-SA Atwd Farrah EX-94

Siemers Holsteins has recently classified with some exciting results. 44 new VG-2YR olds were scored, bringing the herd total to 147 VG-2YR olds. Also, 24 new EX cows were scored, bring the herd total to 163 EX cows. In total, the Siemers Holsteins herd has 987 cows scored 85 points or higher. Below are some more highlights:

3 NEW EX-94 cows including:

  • Duckett-SA Atwd Farrah-ET EX-94 (Atwood x Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97)

2 new EX-92 (MAX) 2nd lactation cows including:

  • Siemers Braxton Marabel-ET EX-92 94-MS (Braxton x EX-94 Goldwyn x EX-94 Durham Marriet)

Exciting 2-YR Olds:

  • Siemers Doorman Roz-ET VG-85 @2-05
    (+2487G Doorman x EX-91 MOM Roz x EX-91 Elegant)
  • Siemers Uno Bombi-ET VG-85 @2-07
    (+2520G Uno x EX-94 Shottle Bombi x EX Champion)
  • Siemers Mccutch Rozanne VG-86 @2-02
    (+2330G Mccutchen x EX-92 (MAX) Windbrook x EX-91 MOM Roz)
  • Siemers Mccutch Roz-ET VG-86 @2-06
    (+2495G Mccutchen x EX-91 MOM Roz x EX-91 Elegant)
  • Siemers S-Sire Rozanne-ET VG-86
    (+2575G Supersire x EX-92 (MAX) Windbrook x EX-91 MOM Roz)
  • Siemers Uno Real-Pretty-ET VG-86 @2-10
    (+2393G Uno x EX-91 Observer x EX-94 Ramos 1200)
  • L-L-M-Dairy S S Phawn-ET VG-87 @2-11
    (+2527G Supersire x VG-87-2Y Jetstream x VG-85-2Y Diehard)
  • Miss Uno Delicia-ET VG-88 @2-08
    (+2457G Uno x VG-87-2Y Robust x EX-93 Planet)
  • Siemers Meridian Bombi-ET VG-88
    (Meridian x EX-94 Shottle Bombi-ET x EX Champion)

Siemers Holsteins is a 5th generation family farm in NE Wisconsin. RHA 2716 cows 37,934lbM 3.75%F 1422lbF 3.03%P 1149lbP

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