January 10, 2022

Tremendous End to 2021 for Kings-Ransom

Holstein Plaza member Kings-Ransom Farm had a great end to 2021, with a successful visit from the classifier and receiving multiple All-American nominations. Classification was with THREE cows recieving scores of EX94! Kings-Ransom Montery Cans is now EX-94 2E and 97MS! Raised to EX-94 with a MS of 96 was Kings-Ransom Kingboy Cupid. Rounding out the trio at EX-94 is Kings-Ransom King Royal Climax who scored 95-MS. More results from their classification are shown below. 

Kings-Ransom also recieved exciting news when All-American nominations were announce, with two nominations in group classes. Recieving a nomination for Produce of Dam after their first place award at World Dairy Expo was the Produce of Kings-Ransom Mg Cleavage EX-95 97MS DOM, comprised of Monterey Cans EX-94 2E 97MS and Kingboy Cupid EX-94 96MS. They also recieved a nomination for their Senior Best Three Females group of Kings-Ransom Monterey Dorothy EX-94, Kings-Ransom Kingboy Cupid EX-94, and Kings-Ransom Cr Dazzling VG-88 as a two year old! 

Congratulations to Kings-Ransom Farm on their outanding results for 2021!


Kings-Ransom Monterey Cans 
-Now EX-94 2E 97MS
-Member of Nom AA Produce of Dam 2021

Kings-Ransom Kingboy Cupid
-Now EX-94 96MS
-Member of Nom AA Produce of Dam 2021
-Member of Nom AA Senior Best 3 Females 2021

Kings-Ransom King Royal Climax 
-Now EX-94 95MS

Kings-Ransom Helix Curvaceous 
-Now EX-93

Kings-Ransom Byway Chichi
-Now EX-92

Kings-Ransom Kingboy Crevice 
-Now EX-91

Kings-Ransom Solo Cinna 
-Now EX-91 92MS

Kings-Ransom Merjack Melons 
-Now EX

Kings-Ransom Doc Carnival
-Now EX 3 year Old
-+2721 GTPI 3.28 PTAT 2.68 UDC

Kings-Ransom Crbl Candy
-Now VG-86 first score 2 year old
-First two dam are both 97MS 
-+3.04 PTAT 2.44 UDC


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