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De-Su Holsteins is a family operation located in northeast Iowa. De-Su Holsteins expanded its operation over the past 15 years from 70 cows to 1,450 cows. Over the past six years, Darin has highly focused on the genetics aspect. The success of this can be seen with one look at the locator list. De-Su has over a hundred cows on the list with numerous daughters of the foundation cow De-Su BW Marshall Georgia and her daughter De-Su Oman 6121, dam of Observer. 


De-Su Holsteins, LLC
1286 Oriole Drive
New Albin, Iowa 52160
United States

Donors Offered by This Breeder

De-Su Holsteins, LLC
VG-86 / GTPI +1775
De-Su Holsteins, LLC
DE-SU 7012-ET
De-Su Holsteins, LLC
EX-92 / GTPI +2055
De-Su Holsteins, LLC
EX-90 / GTPI +1690
De-Su Holsteins, LLC
VG-86 / GTPI +1861
De-Su Holsteins, LLC
VG-87 / GTPI +2419
De-Su Holsteins, LLC
EX-91 / GTPI +2302
De-Su Holsteins, LLC

News Items About this Breeder

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November 14, 2019
Progressive Genetic Herds

Several Holstein Plaza Members have been awarded the title of Progressive Genetic Herd by the U.S. Holstein Association. To qualify for this award, a herd must be a member of their national and state associations, and be enrolled in multiple association programs, as well as have a minumum of 87% RHA and higher cows in the milking herd with CTPIs. Evaluation of herds is done annually and the award is given to 500 herrds with the highest TPI average for females in the herd, both young and mature. This year 15 of our members recieved this honor. Congratulations to the following herds: De Su Holsteins (29 Year Recipiant) | Regancrest Farm (29 Year Recipant) |Siemers Holsteins (28 Year Recipant) | Kings-Ransom Farm (22 Year Recipiant) | Hendel Farms (20 Year Recipiant) | Pine Tree Dairy (19 Year Recipiant) | Coyne Farms (16 Year Recipiant) | Woodcrest Dairy (15 Year Recipiant) | Oakfield Corners Dairy (11 Year Recipiant) | Speek-NJ Holsteins (11 Year Recipiant) | Misty Moor Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Plain-Knoll Holsteins (10 Year Recipiant) | Brigeen Farms (6 Year Recipiant) | Mecuro Farms (4 Year Recipiant) | Genosource (3 Year Recipiant)

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April 4, 2019
Progressive Genetic Herds

BRATTLEBORO, Vt., April 4, 2019 – Holstein Association USA is excited to honor herds with the 2018 Progressive Genetics HerdSM award. Given annually, the award is presented to Registered Holstein® herds with high genetic values, measured by average CTPI. The Progressive Genetics Herd (PGH) recognition was first given in 1991. The PGH award honors herds with high genetic value, based on average TPI® levels, which lead toward continued breed progress. All eligible herds are automatically evaluated annually and the PGH recognition is awarded to the 500 herds with the highest average TPI for females in the herd, both young and mature. 

De-Su Holstein LLCRegancrest Farm and Welcome Stock Farm LLC all have received the Progressive Genetic Herd honors all 28 years the award has been given. CONGRATULATIONS to these outstanding breeding establishments!

January 4, 2017
Top 25 GTPI New Females January 2017

The Top 25 GTPI new females for January 2017 has been posted. Topping the list with GTPI+2923 is Hilmar Superfly 13227.

  1. Hilmar Superfly 13277 GTPI+2923
  2. Leaninghouse Mdsty 23510 GTPI+2917
  3. Sandy-Valley Jedi Anika GTPI+2892
  4. K-Manor Not So Modesty 510 GTPI+2888
  5. De-Su Flagship 6422 GTPI+2876

For the complete Top 25 CLICK HERE.

May 3, 2016
Top 25 New Genomic Females for May 2016

JUST IN... the Top Genomic Females for May 2016. Congratulations to Pine Tree Dairy with four full sisters in the Top 20 and the No. 1 female for May at +2871G, Pine-Tree 9882 Prof 7019.

  1. PINE-TREE 9882 PROF 7019-ET GTPI+2871
  2. HILMAR-D JEDI 10296-ET GTPI+2841
  3. DE-SU MODESTY 5829-ET GTPI+2806
  4. DE-SU MODESTY 5810-ET GTPI+2803
  8. DE-SU MODESTY 5792-ET GTPI+2785
  9. NO-FLA SUPERSHOT 43459-ET GTPI+2782


April 5, 2016
Siemers Delta S-Roz Ann #1 GTPI Female (9-24 Months)

Siemers Delta S-Roz Ann is the #1 GTPI Female between 9-24 months of age scoring GTPI+2835! 

  1. Siemers Delta S-Roz-Ann GTPI+2835
  2. De-Su Delta 4900 GTPI+2803
  3. Blumenfeld Troy 4747 GTPI+2794
  4. A-L-H Delta Harriet GTPI+2791
  5. Ms Nightout 63168 GTPI+2790


December 2, 2015
De-Su Spark 5106 #1 GTPI Calf <9 Months

De-Su Spark 5106 tops the GTPI charts for calves younger than 9 months scoring GTPI+2846. 2nd on the list is Siemers Delta S-Roz-Ann scoring GTPI+2841.

  1. De-Su Spark 5106 GTPI+2846
  2. Siemers Delta S-Roz-Ann GTPI+2841
  3. De-Su Spring 5197 GTPI+2840
  4. Sandy-Valley Rbcn Logan GTPI+2839
  5. De-Su Delta 4900 GTPI+2830


April 3, 2015
Choose your Favorite Bookem daughter: De-Su 1114

De-Su 1114 is one of the highest Bookem daughters worldwide scoring GTPI+2480 (12/14) and goes back to the BW Marshal Georgias. De-Su 1114 has a GTPI+2627 Jetset son at Semex and a GTPI+2622 Rodgers son at Select. You can vote for De-Su 1114 as your favorite Bookem daughter. READ MORE.

August 13, 2014
De-Su Holsteins dominates Top 50 GTPI heifers >9 Months

De-Su Holsteins dominates the Top 50 GTPI Females list (Between 9-24 Months) with 15 animals, including 9 descendants from Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150 VG-87-2YR DOM.

  1. Ms Delicous Nightout GTPI+2760 +3.45T

  2. De-Su Mogul 3336 GTPI+2712 +3.83T

  3. Ms Delicious Sunday GTPI+2666 +3.21T

  4. Progenesis Enforcer Pat GTPI+2663 +3.08T

  5. Kings-Ransom Doorm Dina GTPI+2645 +4.17

  6. T-Gen-AC Mogul Shimmer GTPI+2638 +3.71T

  7. EDG Dahlia Mogul 2257 GTPI+2620 +4.05T

  8. DF Supersire Janie 1316 GTPI+2607 +2.21T

  9. S-S-I Miles 7913 10106 GTPI+2605 +3.06T

  10. EDG Ruby Uno Rachel GTPI+2603 +3.43T

CLICK HERE for the Top 50 GTPI Females (Between 9-24 Months)

Click to enlarge - Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150-ET VG-87 EX-MS @ 2-06 DOM
January 27, 2014
No. 2 GTPI Female in the Breed sells from De-Su

A tremendous offering... De-Su Uno 3081 sells as Lot 1 in Friday's Destination Naples Sale. The +2638G Numero Uno daughter of Shamrock 1439 and the No. 2 GTPI Female in the Breed. Granddam is the great Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150-ET VG-87-2YR DOM. CLICK HERE for catalog

January 7, 2014
7 of the 8 Top New GTPI Females for January owned by De-Su
  1. DE-SU MOGUL 3336-ET GTPI+2667
  3. DE-SU UNO 3100-ET GTPI+2648
  4. DE-SU BELUGA 3393-ET GTPI+2571
  5. DE-SU PLATINUM 3347-ET GTPI+2570
  6. DE-SU MOGUL 3328-ET GTPI+2568
  7. DE-SU MOGUL 3300-ET GTPI+2543
  8. DE-SU SUPERSIRE 3349-ET GTPI+2543


Click to enlarge - Sully Shottle May-TW VG-87 DOM
January 2, 2013
Sully Shottle May now VG-87

The tremendous brood cow, Sully Shottle May is now Very Good-87 VVEVV DOM. 

Click to enlarge - Ladys-Manor Pl Shakira-ET VG-87-2YR VG-MS
December 4, 2012
New photo of the #1 GTPI Cow... SHAKIRA

New photo of the #1 GTPI Cow in the U.S., Ladys-Manor Pl Shakira-ET VG-87 VG-MS at 2-11. Shakira is the Planet daughter of Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shawn-ET and a full sister to Ladys-Manor PL Shamrock-ET.

Click to enlarge - Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150-ET VG-87 EX-MS @ 2-06
November 16, 2012
New photo of Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150-ET

 Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150-ET VG-87 EX-MS at 2-06 (Man-O-Man x Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1200-ET) is dam of the #1 GTPI heifer, De-Su 1438-ET GTPI+2714 (8/12).

October 17, 2012
Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150-ET now VG-87 EX-MS

Clear-Echo M-O-M 2150-ET (Man-O-Man x Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1200-ET) is now Very Good-87 EX-MS at 2-06. 2150 is the dam of the #1 GTPI heifer in the world, De-Su 1438-ET GTPI+2714.

February 7, 2012
Top New Genomic Females for De-Su

Nine of the Top 25 New Genomic females for February 2012 carry the De-Su prefix and the industry has a new #1 GTPI Female, De-Su 1438-ET, with a GTPI of +2772. 1438 is a Shamrock daughter from the Clear-Echo Hershl D Rac-822 family. Congratulations to De-Su Holsteins, New Albin, Iowa!

Click to enlarge - Sully Shottle May-TW VG-85 DOM • GTPI+2303
June 22, 2011
Bookem from high genomic transmitting Shottle May!

Selling at the National Holstein Convention Sale on Friday, June 24 is a Nov. 2010 Bookem from the former #1 GTPI and current #4 GTPI Cow in the U.S., Shottle May VG-85 DOM. This Bookem tested out at +2432 GTPI +1238M +59F +56P +784NM$ +6.3PL +3.27T and sells with numerous contracts!

Click to enlarge - De-Su BW Marshal Georgia-ET EX-90 GMD DOM
May 3, 2011
De-Su has great run of New Genomic Females for May 2011!

Darin Meyer, De-Su Holsteins, LLC, New Albin, Iowa has 13 of the Top 25 New Genomic Females for May 2011. Congratulations to De-Su Holsteins!

Click to enlarge - De-Su Oman 6121-ET VG-86 GMD DOM
February 23, 2011
De-Su offers 1st Choice on Limited Edition

Selling this Saturday on the Limited Edition Sale, Dubuque, Iowa is a 1st Choice Female from De-Su 9053-ET GTPI+2303! Buyer has choice from five Frank pregnacies due May 2011 or her natural calf sired by Erdman due April 29, 2011. 9053 is the #1 GNM Shottle and the #5 GTPI Shottle in the Breed and a granddaughter of Oman 6121-ET.

Click to enlarge - De-Su Oman 6121-ET VG-86 GMD DOM
February 18, 2011
De-Su Holsteins is now online!

De-Su Holsteins located in northeast Iowa is home to many chart topping favorites. De-Su has 104 cows on locator the list with 15 daughters of the foundation cow De-Su BW Marshall Georgia and her daughter De-Su Oman 6121, dam of Observer, has 21 daughters on the list. Three of the top five genomic bulls on the market right now carry the De-Su prefix De-Su Observer-ET, De-Su Bookem-ET and De-Su Osmand-ET and they have added the full sister to the number one bull, Ladys-Manor PL Shamrock, to their genetic program. Click here for more details.